Earning money today on a part-time basis is a common decision. We are in the end of 2012 which is a high time for people to begin working a part time job for a variety of reasons. Many are working to actually help with bills and medical expesnes so its a necessity. Many are working to earn holiday money so they can shop on “black Friday” and have a wonderful holiday. Many are working a part-time job to save up because they want to buy a house. So you see there are alot of reasons.

We also know that going to and from a part time job can be taxing on the person working and the entire family. When you are commuting back and forth to your part time job you are using wear and tear on your car, spending more time away from friends and family and you could be fatiguing your body. Don’t get me wrong working part-time is great I have done it several times down through the years. There are pros and cons to every thing and these are the cons.

The pros of working a part-time job is earning money today on a part-time basis. Being able to get an extra income for what you need it for. It could be for those reasons I mentioned above or for reasons I did not touch on. The fact of the matter is you have a reason why you are working part-time and you have landed a job.

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