How to Open the Way to Great Abundance is something people are searching for. It starts in the mind. It starts in your mind. You have agreed to some things in your mind and in your heart and in your environment that are literally stopping you from RECEIVING all that is good. This is one reason why many are not seeing the GOOD manifested in their life.

You have the power to bless what you have and multiply it. Isn’t that good news today? You have the power to bless negative situations and they will multiply and you have the power to fix your eyes on the good and multiply the good.

Say things to yourself like Infinite Spirit ope the way for great abundance for me. I am an irresistible magnet for all that belongs to me by divine right.

The most simple phrase I believe for everyone is to say “Everything and Everyone Prospers me Now”.

It starts with you believing that You deserve good and good deserves you! It starts with acting as if you already have what you have asked for. This takes practice and it works. Try it today. Find an affirmation, a scripture or some positive phrase that you can believe it will happen for you before you actually see it.

This will make you unstoppable! Once you believe then you need a way to receive irresistible money coming to you from the North South East and West. I encourage you to look at what makes me an irresistible money magnet. Go to to get more information