What would you do with your Life if Money were not an Issue? This question is asked by many coaches who have clients who are experiencing financial strain and finding what they really want to do when they grow up.

If money was not an issue would you still be building a business online and or offline?
If money was not an issue are you doing what you truly desire to do on a daily basis?
If money was not an issue and all of your bills and everything is paid for what would you be spending your time doing throughout the day?
If money was not an issue what would you replace your 40 hour a week job doing?
Are you doing what you want to do?

This question is the single biggest driving force for people who want to improve their personal finances. We work and build businesses part time or full time to pay bills, get rid of debt, worry less about money and to become financially free to do what WE WANT!

We are told to find a rewarding career path or our purpose in life as if money was not an issue. The only thing with this principle is people sometimes can not see past their money woes to even position their thoughts to think in this manner.

The root question is “What would you do with your life if money was not an issue?

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