Solavei is a new mobile phone company that offers $49 no contract, 4G network, monthly, unlimited voice, talk and Internet (data). Presently customers are signing up by paying a $49 enrollment fee, $49 for the first month, $29 for a sim card when you bring your own phone, or buy a Solavei phone. Many people are realizing they can receive the same type of service for less and they are going for it.

Solavei not only offers a great monthly service for cell phone users but they also offer a way for customers to get their monthly cell phone bill paid and more. If you want to be more than a customer you can become a social member. Its not an extra fee or anything but if you want to tell others about Solavei then you can earn extra money.

The company will pay people on a Solavei Pay Card which is a Visa debit card. Whenever you sign up people and its time for you to be compensated Solavei will put the money on your pay card. Its ingenius.

I am a customer of Solavei for the services and for the extra money to earn. This is earning money today and I believe this is a good way to use a service that you are going to use anyhow and get paid using the service when you tell other people. To get more information just go over to my info site at