Please be so kind to click on the banner and join Swagbucks. We receive points towards items we want to get in the Swag Store. Also when you join for free you will want to refer people in the same manner so you can accumulate points to go towards a purchase in the Swag Store.

SwagBucks is very cool site you need to earn points by using their search engine, fill out surveys, etc. Doing your daily things such as simply searching on SwagBucks to redeem exclusive prizes.


1. Its a cool site. You can do stuff you daily do anyway such as searching using google search. Now if your a SwagBucks, make SwagBucks as homepage and use SwagBucks as your main search engine. It is just like google search and it’s powered by google and ask. So, it’s basically the same engine.

2. SwagBucks search engine. Every time you search with SwagBucks search engine, you have a chance to win points which they call it SwagBucks. Use wisely as normal search. I earn points every 1 or 2 hours. Point amounts are very. 5- 50 points. This is the best way to earn SwagBucks. If you try to spam, they will warn you that you can’t spam.

3. SwagBucks toolbar. Download it. It’s worth to use. You don’t need to come up to SwagBucks search page to be loaded. You can search easily search with SwagBucks toolbar and earn points. Every thing is set up on SwagBucks pages. You don’t need to go anywhere else.

4. Fill out the offers. Another way to earn points. Fill out all free offers and most of them are free. Fill them out with accurate information of yours. Use your spam emails to fill out offers. Offers will be confirmed and credited when the advertisers received your information. Some take just 5mins to confirm, some take 1 hour to confirm, some even take days to confirm. Also, there are some video clips to watch and earn SwagBucks.

5. Fill out trusted surveys. You will have some surveys to take everyday. This one seems hard for me because it needs your accurate answer that you are experiencing in your life. Most surveys you will not qualify. You will qualify to take it when it matched your experience and what they are needing for their surveys. Let’s say, you have experiences with ps3 games, and they are looking for gamers to take their game surveys, etc. So, you may qualify.

6. Trade in. If you have old cell phones or iPods or games that you are not using anymore, send it to SwagBucks. You will earn some amount of SwagBucks. Follow the procedures how to mail it to them on their site. There is no limit how many items you can trade in.

7. Invite friends. Another quickest way to earn SwagBucks. You can earn up to 1,000 SwagBucks from each referral you referred. Just only if they earn by searching, and searching is the only easiest and best way they will be doing. Send invitation to all your email contacts. You need play promoting this time. Put up your SwagBucks referral link on your facebook, twitter, etc. You can also get cool banners that you can put them on your blog, websites or even forums you active. Every person that clinks your referral link or banners and they sign up will be all your referrals. You will earn as much as they earn by searching up to 1,000 points. And they still get their points.

8. Create a blog using Google blogger or WordPress, start writing articles about SwagBucks, such as how cool this site is. Put up your banner on your website. People will read your article, and they wonder and they will feel like to give it a try. Make a youtube video about SwagBucks, explain how it works, how you earn points, etc. Put your referral link in your video description box. People will click it and sign up.

9. Swag Codes. Swag Codes will be posted twice or trice daily in several places. Follow SwagBucks on Facebook, Twitter, SwagBucks blog, SwagBucks toolbars, etc. You will need your eyes peeled on them if you really want SwagCodes. If you see one, get it and put it in Swag Codes redeem place named “Gimme” on your SwagBucks homepage. You will earn some SwagBucks.

10. When you get your amount of SwagBucks to redeem an item, redeem it even if you don’t want that item. Make an unboxing video of it and explain in your video that you redeemed it from SwagBucks, this site it awesome, go check it out, and your referral link in the description. Works perfectly.