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911 Gas Card Conference Call Schedule


Double the Fun!

Tuesday Night, 07/23/12

7 p.m. EST – 6 p.m. CST


Call Number: 1-218-862-6789
Access code: 982765

And don’t forget “LUNCH CALL”


1:00 pm EST (12:00 noon CST)

Dial 1-218-862-6789 pin# 982765

A quick call for lunch hour prospects / leads / coworkers / and day business builders.

To join go to 911gascard.com/empower or call me first

911 Gas Card Helps Today

The 911 Gas Card is a way for you to be free from paying for your gas in your car. Totally eliminating $40 to $100 per week on filling up your gas tank can be a $160 to $400 per month savings. This is money you can put elsewhere. Have you ever thought of the idea of what it would mean for you to have $400 bucks a month to choose what you would like to spend that on.

The name of the game of life right about now is finding what you can reasonably invest in and tell others about so that you can begin to use the money you earn from this new income stream to pay for whatever you want to pay for or pay off. Yes starting with not having to pay for your gas each week can ultimately free you up money for you to use.

Paying down debt and scaling back is the talk of everyday people, however here is a way for you to invest $45 to get the 911 gas card, find 6 people to invest $45 and you earn the  $45 you initially invested back which its always good to at least get your money back. PIF Alliance is the company responsible for the 911 gas card program so read just a bit more to see the power of this program.

Each time 6 people purchase a 911 gas card membership you earn $45. Each time the people you introduced the 911 gas card to you get $45. Let me break it down even more for you.

Lets say Tom becomes a 911 gas card member
Tom invest $45 and now he has access to digital products he can use towards his business or to personally develop himself
Now Tom sales the 911 gas card membership to Susan, Bill, Jamie, Kevin, Darren and Lucy
Tom will now receive a $45 check or $45 Visa Gift Card in the mail
When Susan sales 6 -911 gas card memberships Tom will receive $45
When Bill sales 6 -911 gas card memberships Tom will receive $45
When Jamie sales 6- 911 gas card memberships Tom will receive $45
When Kevin sales 6 -911 gas card memberships Tom will receive $45
When Darren sales 6 -911 gas card memberships Tom will receive $45
When Lucy sales 6 -911 gas card memberships Tom will receive $45
Therefore not only will Susan, Bill, Jamie, Kevin, Darren and Lucy receive $45 each time they make 6 sales but Tom will earn a 100% matching bonus in the amount of $45 each time as well.

Earning $45 over and over is one great path to go down so you can free yourself to pay down debt, go on vacation, pay towards college, etc…you have to start though.

Go to my 911 gas card page and join today

911 Gas Card – A Solution to Money Worries

I do my best to at least give people¬† a solution to their money worries but it is going to take a bit of selling. You are going to have to open your mouth and ask people if they want to earn $45 unlimited checks and or Visa gift cards. We as bloggers are to be careful on reporting earnings and such because some people just flat out don’t tell the truth.

Presently people need a way to earn. Presently people do not want to have to sell or go into sales to earn an additional income. Presently people need extra money to keep up with rising gas prices, rising utility bill costs, rising grocery costs, rising prescription drug costs and just plain rising costs. The majority of people are not even concerned with what is happening in the political world because people are trying to wrap their mind around how are they going to earn money to pay for all of these rising costs.

I am here to tell you that the 911 gas card program works its the people who do not work the 911 gas card. This company, PIF Alliance, is paying people on a daily basis because of the success of the program. The product is marketing tools and to gain access to them the tools cost $45. Now you are a member and you have access to the tools, the conference calls and everything else.

Once you make 6 sales you will earn $45. Once the people you sold to make 6 sales they will earn $45 but so will you because there is a 100% matching bonus. I urge you that if you are penny pinching at all and you have no problem at least telling people (rather you are blogging, writing articles, making videos or passing out flyers) about this program……you will begin to have a solution to your money worries.

Head over to my 911 gas Overview to get more information

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