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How I Started an Online Business for $1 Dollar

Back on March 1, 2014 I knew people would laugh at me when I decided to earn money from home with a $1 dollar business. The business precisely costs $1.25 for me to invest in a program so I can help people and in return help myself as well. Who would have ever thought in this world a person can you start a legitimate business online with training, mentoring, daily conference calls and webinars and be able to work from home.

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On March 1, 2014 I paid $1.25 to gain access to the 101 Ways to Build a Business videos. I have been learning a lot online on how to blog, build websites, email marketing and more but I have had to learn all of those things by trial and error or by spending money on trainings yet not receive the training to really empower me. I noticed that there were different membership levels to gain access to all training videos so I upgraded to all levels which cost me an extra $47.50.

Next I started talking to people who wanted the same thing that I wanted.happy people (640x423) Time and freedom to succeed. We are all different yet the same. Here is who I spoke to. I spoke to people who:

did not want to invest a lot of money
need to earn extra money from home
desire more time and freedom
want to be mentored and trained by leaders
are unemployed short term
are unemployed long term
are caregivers
want to learn technical skills
want to do something different
want to raise funds to start a non-profit
want to be a part of a community
want to enhance their resume with new skills while looking for work
are disabled and not able to work full time
are baby boomers and still need additional income
need to pay off school loans
desire to leave the corporate stress behind them
mothers who want to stay home with their school age children
Basically I spoke to people who wanted change, time and freedom. I spoke to people who have made up their minds that they need to do something different to get different results. All of this from a $1.25 business. 40,000 people thus far believe in this one dollar business.

Who can I help with this $1 dollar and 25 cents business model?

First of all the low amount to invest will intrigue people. With the long term unemployment being in a tricky spot right now people are openly looking for a way to make extra money from home. Second the product that this $1 dollar business offers provides a way for members to learn a new skill set. The product is 101 Ways to build your business based off the “The Black Book of MLM Secrets: 101 Ways to Build Your Business” by Peter Wolfing. The training is step by step videos.

We have people who are coming in not knowing much about social media, safe list, how to advertise online, how to advertise and get peoples attention online, how to build a team, how to stay motivated and more. Seriously a way to learn about an entire industry from the comfort of your home and earn while learning. I can help many people with this type of program.

paycheck to paycheck

The program is meant to be a feeder program meaning learn from the training videos and also build up an income to buy into a business that cost a large amount or build up an income to earn a part time to full time income for whatever reason. I know on average living paycheck to paycheck is going on and this program can even allow someone in that predicament to come in for $1.25 and begin to earn money from home.

Go to My Dollar Business and get more information. Take the no obligation tour.


Are You Looking for Information About Free Tool Box?

Are you looking for information about Free Tool Box ? Well you have found some valid information. Over here at earning money today we want to show people how to learn new skills while making money from home. Many people need to either supplement their income or replace their income and we are hear to show you what is available.

Free Toolbox is a new training program that launched on March 1, 2014. It is in existence for the following reasons:

  • learn 101 ways to market
  • learn new skills
  • make money while learning
  • build a list
  • help people who do not have a lot of money to start working from home
  • help people who may want to start a $500 business but do not have the money so Free Toolbox will help you build up your money so you can join any business of your desire
  • low cost of entry program
  • live webinar and conference call training and coaching
  • and so much more

6000 people have become Free Tool Box members since March 1, 2014. This lets you know there is a need in the market place for people to only pay $1.25 one time to learn how to market online, build an active list, be a part of a community of empowerment, and a great way to make some money. I am not saying you will get rich with this but it is the perfect foundation for you to learn and earn at the same time.

What you learn with Free Tool Box will show you how to make even more money with your primary business. I want to invite you to our conference calls M-Sat at 12:30 noon and M-F at 10pmest Dial 605-475-4700 pin# 602974# After the call I would like to invite you to become a member by clicking here<<<

With GratitudeRhonda


This is the Last Day For Your Financial Pain If You Want it to Be

Be my guest on the Ultimate Cycler Overview Call
Monday through Friday at 10pm est
Call 530-881-1300 pin# 939438#
After the call get more information at>>>> 365theplan.com<<<<
Put your email address in and you will be directed to my contact information.
Be ready to tell me what you liked most about the call.
Ultimately I look forward to working with you while we help others.


Be My Guest on this Conference Call for Ultimate Cycler

Be My Guest on this Conference Call for Ultimate Cycler
Rhonda Kaye can be reached at http://365theplan.com
Here are the conference call days and times:
For September 28, 2013
Saturday Blitz Calls.
Sat 9/28 and every Saturday

These are Back-to-Back high energy calls….

Dial 760-984-1000 pin 722886#

Host Bishop Benjamin
Speaker Peter Wolfing CEO & Guests

130 PM EST
Host Toney Luckey
Speaker Clay Harris

Host Evangelist BJ Kelly
Speaker YVette Primus

2:30 PM EST
Host Bishop Benjamin
Speaker Dr Steve Parson, Sr

Host Clay Harris
Speaker Peter Wolfing CEO
Monday through Fridays 10pmest
530-881-1300 pin# 939438#

Conference call recorded call
530-881-1399 pin# 939438#

Be my guest on this conference call.


Undocumented College Students Make Money for Tuition Online

Undocumented College Students have made many inroads. I remember a time where it was hard to get into college because of students not being permanent residents, or US citizens. Alot of progress has been made where some states offer private scholarships and state aid, however it is not nationwide as of yet. Also, undocumented college students are not able presently to qualify for federal aid (pell grant etc…).

Undocumented College Students

In the event you are reading this post and you are not familiar with the term undocumented college student here is a definition.
There are an estimated 65,000 undocumented students — children born abroad who are not U.S. citizens or legal residents — who graduate from U.S. high schools each year.

These children are guaranteed an education in U.S. public schools through grade 12, but may face legal and financial barriers to higher education. What can you tell undocumented students about their options for college? (collegeboard.com)

As I stated in the video our community of bloggers blog about what matters to them and we make money at the same time. It makes sense. I welcome you to contact me. Click on the “watch the video now” image and get more information on where we are coming from. The story will resonate with you and I look forward to welcoming you within the community.



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