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Looking for the Right Internet Business Opportunity?

Find the right opportunity and you will be hooked on for life.

Looking for the Right Internet Business Opportunity? Good because I do not believe it was an accident that you landed on this blog post.

Being equipped with the right mindset in starting an online business is in my opinion 90% of your success. If you can believe and open yourself to becoming a global mobilepreneur which means working from anywhere as long as wi-fi is accessible you have already won.

The next thing for you to decide is what type of industry you should be entering. While it is important that you have some background knowledge on what you will be undergoing, there is not much need for it as there are already many tools and online help you can get.

Of course here we are discussing you becoming a Certified Reseller with Infinity Profit System. Why? Because it is a global business for starters. You can work this business ANYWHERE!

It is boring and frustrating to do something you do not really like to do, is it not? It would help a lot that fun is mixed with your job so that it will not feel like such a burden. When you do not like the nature of your business, you are likely to tire and soon enough, you will have to stop pursuing this endeavor.

We are working hard to ensure your success however you will have to desire the same for yourself.

This is what I like about what we are doing as global mobilepreneurs with Infinity Profit System. You CHOOSE your lifestyle and live it and allow Infinity Profit System to be your funding source. I mean seriously the reason you are looking is because there is something going on in your life and career that has you thinking you need to start a business online. Generally time, money and a personal event causes people to search deeper.

Unfortunately, there are some people who are promising you signups and all that other jazz however this is a business. We will build together however we must do our own work. It is the same at your job…you do not go around persuading people to do your work you do it yourself.

This is the reason why I advise you to be careful in picking the right online business and the person who will refer you to a particular online business. We can easily be swayed by the number of advertisements promising a quick return on investment and cash statements. You have to remember and that not all of these offers are genuine; some of them are just frauds and scammers.

When you look for the right online business for you, make sure that you get one from a reliable source. How do you know if the person referring you is a reliable source. Mainly you know if they have a lot of information posted online, and you can see them, and can reach them by phone, email and text.

I am seeking partners and I have a game plan. My game plan involves working with you as a coach and accountability partner. You will not just become a Infinity Profit System business owner we will meet and discuss and lay out your strategy for success and than we will meet at least once a week (more if your schedule permits) to assess your effort and productivity. I will hold your hand so to speak but not do your work. Call me and we can discuss.

The one one one touch is missing and the group class touch is missing which I believe has given me an advantage. I have an educational background with a high retention rate and a high recruitment rate so I know what it takes for you to succeed.

If you have watched the video and desire to partner with me click the register link here: https://infinityprofitsystem.com/register.php?id=global

If you have landed on this blog post and you desire more information click the button that says lets get you started. Follow the prompts and watch the video. I will connect with you once you input your information.

infinity profit system




I truly trust we will be able to work together. Many blessings Rhonda.

Cash Flow Freedom What it Will Do for You

Cash Flow Freedom What it Will Do for You

Go to 365believe.pw or click here<<<< and receive your cash flow freedom blueprint

Will Free Toolbox Training Work For You?

Will Free Toolbox Training Work for You? is a good question. Actually the question I have been getting lately is “will the Free Toolbox Program/Training work for me? My answer is yes if you work the Free Toolbox training. I gave a good example in a video I put together for those who like to watch videos.

will free toolbox training work for youThe example I used is a situation I see over and over with students in the college prep program I direct. A student will tell me “this program is not working for me” and each time I hear this I give the student a puzzled look. I look at the students attendance and they are not participating in any of the services. They are not coming to tutoring, ACT or SAT test prep, or to the volunteer activities or the career sessions. This is the reason why the program is not working for them because they are not working the program.

In order for this student to increase their gpa because more than likely they gpa is low because of low activity. I encourage the student to attend tutoring/homework assistance. When they peform well on their homework assignments, they will perform well on their test and they will perform well overall by increasing their gpa. They are completing cumulative bits of work which is adding up to success for them.

Same thing for Free Toolbox. If you are asking will Free Toolbox training  work for me just take an inventory to see if you are doing all that you can to get the word out about this generic training program. Begin to put in work on a daily or weekly basis towards getting content out so you can help people learn this industry the correct and honest way. Learn from the Free Toolbox training webinars and put into action what you learned that week.

In this video I give you the example of the student and how I give the student advice to increase their gpa and then I give you as a Free Toolbox training member or potential member advice on how you can increase your exposure so you can learn and earn with Free Toolbox.

Remember what I said in the video. If you post 5 different pieces of content for 7 days by the end of the week you will have 35 pieces of content out on the world wide web. Imagine doing that weekly. You are bound to get the results you want, but you need to stay plugged into training because information changes in this digital world.

I look forward to working with you. Click here for more information about Free Toolbox and working with me.

Applications for Unemployment Benefits Rise 14K

Reading in the news today that application for unemployment benefits rose to 14k. How can this be when the economy is gaining momentum. Here is an excerpt of the article found on ABC News.

The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits rose last week to the highest level since February, a dose of mixed news for an economy that appears to be gaining momentum.

The Labor Department said Thursday that a seasonally adjusted 344,000 people applied for benefits, up 14,000 from the previous week and the most since late February.

The less-volatile four-week average rose by 3,000 to 320,000, a figure that’s still consistent with a steadily improving job market. The number of people applying for benefits has risen three straight weeks, but Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, said last week’s numbers might have been warped by the Easter holiday. ( Applications for Unemployment)

Unemployment has definitely had more downs than ups however it still remains promising that more people are going back to work. Looking for statistics to see out of the people who are going back to work have they been able to match or increase their previous income or are they working for much less.

A tip for those who are unemployed is to avoid gaps on the resume. While seeking employment and receiving benefits decide to start volunteering in your field and put that volunteer work history on your resume. This will show employers that you are working just not for pay and it will also help ease employers concerns that you have work history gaps on your resume.



How I Started an Online Business for $1 Dollar

Back on March 1, 2014 I knew people would laugh at me when I decided to earn money from home with a $1 dollar business. The business precisely costs $1.25 for me to invest in a program so I can help people and in return help myself as well. Who would have ever thought in this world a person can you start a legitimate business online with training, mentoring, daily conference calls and webinars and be able to work from home.

how i started an online business for $1 dollarquarter




On March 1, 2014 I paid $1.25 to gain access to the 101 Ways to Build a Business videos. I have been learning a lot online on how to blog, build websites, email marketing and more but I have had to learn all of those things by trial and error or by spending money on trainings yet not receive the training to really empower me. I noticed that there were different membership levels to gain access to all training videos so I upgraded to all levels which cost me an extra $47.50.

Next I started talking to people who wanted the same thing that I wanted.happy people (640x423) Time and freedom to succeed. We are all different yet the same. Here is who I spoke to. I spoke to people who:

did not want to invest a lot of money
need to earn extra money from home
desire more time and freedom
want to be mentored and trained by leaders
are unemployed short term
are unemployed long term
are caregivers
want to learn technical skills
want to do something different
want to raise funds to start a non-profit
want to be a part of a community
want to enhance their resume with new skills while looking for work
are disabled and not able to work full time
are baby boomers and still need additional income
need to pay off school loans
desire to leave the corporate stress behind them
mothers who want to stay home with their school age children
Basically I spoke to people who wanted change, time and freedom. I spoke to people who have made up their minds that they need to do something different to get different results. All of this from a $1.25 business. 40,000 people thus far believe in this one dollar business.

Who can I help with this $1 dollar and 25 cents business model?

First of all the low amount to invest will intrigue people. With the long term unemployment being in a tricky spot right now people are openly looking for a way to make extra money from home. Second the product that this $1 dollar business offers provides a way for members to learn a new skill set. The product is 101 Ways to build your business based off the “The Black Book of MLM Secrets: 101 Ways to Build Your Business” by Peter Wolfing. The training is step by step videos.

We have people who are coming in not knowing much about social media, safe list, how to advertise online, how to advertise and get peoples attention online, how to build a team, how to stay motivated and more. Seriously a way to learn about an entire industry from the comfort of your home and earn while learning. I can help many people with this type of program.

paycheck to paycheck

The program is meant to be a feeder program meaning learn from the training videos and also build up an income to buy into a business that cost a large amount or build up an income to earn a part time to full time income for whatever reason. I know on average living paycheck to paycheck is going on and this program can even allow someone in that predicament to come in for $1.25 and begin to earn money from home.

Go to My Dollar Business and get more information. Take the no obligation tour.

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