Gosh how did I get here? I am spending my entire day going from one payday loan to the next renewing my loans -not paying them off! This is “payday hell” and how do I get rid of it?

Unfortunately, I understand the pickle of being tied to payday loans. Yes you are living paycheck to paycheck and an unexpected bill comes up or you really want to go on that trip so you think getting a simple $250 payday loan will be okay. You will pay it back. More than likely what will happen is you will not pay it back because you already do not have enough money when you get paid so the likelihood of you taking $300 (the cost to pay the loan back) out of your paycheck is NEVER.

Which in turns puts you on the spiraling downward journey to payday hell. Thats what it is but people don’t recognize it because they, we, get stuck on I need this money now. Listen if you are not paying your bills on time or paying your bills the likelihood of you paying your payday loans off are slim until you hit the BRICK WALL.

The brick wall is this. All of your check belongs to the payday loan companies. You have to keep renewing them or you will not have squash and now you are in a worse predicament of debt, stress, discouragement and more than you were before your payday loan days.

WARNING: it is not going to be pretty when you are ready to come out of payday hell. However its not that bad. Personally several years ago I paid one off every payday. I paid off the $100 ones and then I paid off the $250 ones. A few I just did not go and renew, they called me and I made payment arrangements. I left the $500 go and made payments. Some of the loans went to a collection agency. Good thing the agency was a Christian collection agency. They were so nice and I was able to get extra money to pay them off.

Anyhow, pay off the loans and never go back…its just to painful. Recognize this..if you can take a risk on a payday loan knowing good and well you are not in a position to pay it back I invite you to look at how to actually create your ideal way on how to earn money today. Instead of getting a $100 or $200 payday loan join along with me and earn $100 to $2000. The product is education and the compensation reeks “NO MORE PAYDAY HELL”

What do you think?
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