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How to Make Money with Video with a $20 Product Purchase

Hi my name is Rhonda and I thought it best to blog about how to make money with videos. I bought a $20 video challenge product for $19.95 on June 12, 2015 at 12:13 noon central time.

I purchased a video challenge product that is to teach me how to post 31 videos using an affiliate product to sell and earn money. I know I cut through a lot of steps but basically that is what I am doing. I paid $19.95 and after I paid I was sent to a page that is selling a product for $95 bucks. This is called an upsell. I passed this purchase. There was a note at the bottom of the page that said something similar to this:

No Thanks. I get that this the last chance to get (the product) At This Price and I’ll pass. Take me to the members area. I clicked this link because I am only interested in the product that I purchased which promised to teach me how to make money posting videos.

The next page I am thanked for my purchase and I can gain access to my product and also I need to set up an account. I checked my email and I was sent an email that included my link to my purchase. I also joined the Facebook Group. Now I am on the product learning training page. I will keep posting my progress.

It is now 12:31 pm central time.



How to Earn $250 Per Sale

How to Earn $250 Per Sale

Every 29 seconds 1,510,000 – One Million Five Hundred and Ten Thousand People – are searching how to earn $250 per sale. There are literally people out there searching to see how they can earn $250 per sale which tells me people are looking for a way to generate an income outside of the 40  hour work week. This is awesome news because I have a solution to provide you and those who are searching on how to earn $250 per sale.

This system is a no website system meaning you do not have to have a website to generate an income. Each time someone purchases the system from you – you earn $250 and here is how it works. View the video.

  1. buy the system which includes set up instructions or we can set it up for you
  2. gain access to the members area for training and to gain access to your digital products
  3. set up your system
  4. advertise your phone number like me (Call 913-681-9155)
  5. follow up with people who leave their name and email address by sending them an email with getting started instructions
  6. also it is good to provide a direct number just in case people really want to talk to you before purchasing the no website system
  7. repeat steps 4, 5 and 6

Straight forward way on how you can earn $250 per sale. I encourage you to see how the system works by calling 913-681-9155 and listen to the message.

Call 913-681-9155


Ultimate Cycler Update May 24, 2015

Ultimate Cycler Update May 24, 2015

We continue to have overview conference calls in an effort to provide information about Ultimate Cycler Updates, the products and services and how to earn an income from the Ultimate Cycler digital marketing tool suite. Not everyone is interested in selling the digital marketing tool suite, some just want access to the powerful tools for their business however many are selling Ultimate Cycler digital marketing tool suite because it is a way to work from home and earn $25, $50, $100 $200, $400 and $800.

575 Million people are searching on the Internet for make money from home

116 Million people are searching online for earning money today

116 Million people are searching online typing in how to pay my bills

1 Billion 910 Million people are searching for how to start a business from home

We have a solution to all of the above answers with Ultimate Cycler

Go to page on this blog Ultimate Cycler and become a member. Take the free tour and get more information.


12 Ways to Earn Money Today

There are several ways to earn money today from home. The questions I have for you today are:

  • are you looking to earn money today to just kick around for the movies or a shopping spree?
  • are you looking to earn money today to pay for one household bill?
  • are you looking to earn money today to save for retirement?
  • are you looking to earn money today to replace an income because you have been unemployed for months to years?
  • are you looking to earn money today to trade time for dollars (you sell something retail and earn money)?
  • are you looking to earn money today to receive residual income?
  • are you looking to earn money today because you are saving for college?
  • are you looking to earn money today period and you want to know how and what is available for you?

I ask these questions because I know there are several reasons out there on why you want to earn money today. The good thing about it is there are millions of people who are like minded as far as they want to earn money today. Where the division comes in how do you want to earn money today.

So the better question is how do you want to earn money today? or are you willing to look at ways to earn money today?

I searched online and I found a few ways for people to earn money today. I will list a few of them and then give you my way on how to earn money today. I believe this is fair to do. Show you other ways to earn and than show you my way. Bottom line I desire for you to earn money today because obviously something has happened in your life to cause you to want to earn money today. Here goes…..

1. you can sell your crafts and art – my daughter does this. She enjoys it and I go to fairs with her and help her sell her beautiful crafts. She sells online and has garage sales.

2. sell your products online

3. have a garage sale

4. write articles and blog posts for people and charge whatever. I have earned $2.50 to $5.00 for articles. I see some people earn $10 to $20 per article. I am an average writer so I low ball it (just being honest).

5. be a nurse on call (home health nursing is really hot right now).

6. sell your talents on sites like Fiverr. You can start off charging $5 and add additional services that cost more.

7. become a life, business or spiritual coach. Charge for your services and help change peoples lives through coaching.

8. become a motivational speaker

9. write a book

10. start a direct sales business (Avon, Mary Kay, etc…)

11. start a network marketing company (It Works Global, Total Life Changes, Herbalife – just to name a few)

12. start an information system company as an affiliate

Ideas 1 through 11 all have a few things in common. Most people gravitate towards those ideas and all of them except for numbers 9, 10 and 11 all are trading time for dollars. You have to put in time and effort to do them over and over and as soon as you stop doing them you stop making money. Number 9 is good because you write a book once and people buy it over and over. Numbers 10 and 11 can give you retail and residual sales…just find one that works for you.

I will end with number 12. I like number 12 because we are in the information age now where digital information rules baby. There is no inventory involved as the information can be accessed via app, Internet and from your phone or tablet. You have the potential to earn an actual income that can supersede what you are earning now in a quicker amount of time opposed to the business ideas numbers 1 through 11 with the exception of 9, 10 and 11.

You can research business ideas numbers 1 through 11. To research business idea number 12 take a free informational tour. Go to the 365 Believe tour put in your name and email address and take the tour.

Click here to go to the 365 believe tour and Many Blessings to you.



Tired of losing sleep to money troubles?

Tired of losing sleep to money troubles?
The journey to Financial Freedom and the Financial Freedom Challenge has been a pleasant journey. The reason being is the freedom to express yourself and not be tied down to one way of earning or learning or being. In these times people are learning that it is not a good idea to trust in money, or a job, or a career, or a diploma or degree.

Many people are losing sleep to money troubles and it is causing stress. Here are a few things money troubles causes:

  1. stress
  2. sickness
  3. anxiety
  4. lack of sleep
  5. weight gain
  6. poor concentration
  7. poor eating habits
  8. irritability
  9. emotional problems
  10. relationship problems
  11. chasing money
  12. creating more debt

Those reasons are to just to name a few. You can not imagine how much stress losing sleep to money troubles can cause in your mind and in your body.

Enough of this talk because there is a solution. The Financial Freedom Challenge is all about doing the things you are called to do now. If you want to start a scholarship fund to give to students who want to go to college you may not have one million dollars right now to give away, however you can begin to save weekly to start your fund. It is all about living in the now.

Personally as I meet with my money life coach and credit counselors to become debt free I thought it best to start a business from home that would not take alot of time to set up. I call it a financial vehicle. If you are interested in joining the financial freedom challenge and you have found yourself tired of losing sleep to money troubles take the tour and tell me what you like most.

Click the image below:

national wealth center

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