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No Magic Plan in Business

I get so irritated when people say there is some type of magical pill or plan to be successful in business. It is not true and do not believe this lie. Listen to the truth in this audio.

Presently I am helping people with marketing training and earning money while training.
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How to Earn Immediate Income with No Website System

How to Earn Immediate Income with No Website System

I am introducing opportunities that I have used personally and have benefitted. The reason being is I know people are looking for ways to earn honest income. The no website system is by far easy in the sense you only have to give out a phone number and follow up with those interested. Here is a way to earn $250 being a no website system reseller. Each time you resell the system you earn $250. There are no monthly fees just a one time fee in the amount of $250.

Once you become a reseller we have training provided for you and training is provided in the members area and there are digital products as well that comes with the system.

I did not believe it at first and here is why: I called the number, listened to the recording, asked for more information, watched the webinar and was ready to purchase. I have not experienced such a smooth method so I called the gentlemen who sent me the information and then I purchased the no website system. NOw I am doing what he is doing and you can be doing what I am doing.

Call 913-681-9155 or if you prefer to go to a website even though you do not need itEarn $250 a Day

No Such Thing as a Lazy Internet Marketer Working from Home

There is No Such Thing as a Lazy Internet Marketer Working from Home. No such thing at all. I am not really sure what people are talking about when they say you can be lazy and earn money using Internet tools. This is so far from the truth yet people believe it. Okay so you have someone who lets say wants to blog which can be considered an Internet marketing tool or a tool you can use online. You set up your blog, and blog weekly and maybe you talk about your products and services or maybe you talk about your affiliate marketing or network marketing products and services. Or maybe you have an organization you are fundraising for…whatever it is you want to blog for this example.

lazy internet marketerWith a blog you have to find a hosting company to host your blog. You will need a domain name and you will need to begin to blog about your topic or a topic of interest to you. Or you can find one of the blogging platforms that are free like blogger.com or 2am traffic that will host your blog for you free or for a small monthly fee. Now you need to get traffic or people viewing your blog. You can sell advertisements, products or services. If you are blogging to make money as a Internet Marketer well things are a few things you will need to do.

Now lazy people do not want to do anything. They do not want to blog, seek out Internet Marketing training, or do much of anything yet they want to make money as a Internet Marketer. Lazy means unwilling to work so you see there is no such thing as a Lazy Internet Marketer,

Yet it is advertised everywhere. You don’t have to work. You can get other people to do your work.  Look at the words “working from home”. If you are going to work from home than guess what you will be working from home. There is work involved when you want to be an “Internet Marketer working from home. Instead of having a boss or supervisor telling you want to do you will have to work for yourself. Setting up your own schedule, signing up for free and paid training .lazy internet marketer

I dont want to get off the topic which is there is no such thing as a lazy Internet marketer working from home. There are things you can learn to learning how to get more traffic or how to promote your products and services online but you must start with education or online training. Just like when you go to on the job training you will need to go to online job training.

I encourage you to stay away from people and or companies that tell you that you do not have to do anything to work from home. There is much work that needs to be done to generate and income online. Its possible but it is not being done by false advertisements and telling people they can be lazy;



Enjoy Your Life Today No Matter What

As I write this article we are marching forward to 2013 and it is exciting. I am not sure about you but I have learned so much this year. I started out this year to make gobs and gobs of money to pay off my debt and I ended up knowing myself better and realizing that I was not just going to do anything to earn gobs and gobs of money.

I had been focusing on earning money today everyday of my life for most of this year and it sort of robbed me. In a sense I learned alot and found great inroads to be able to get out of debt however I did not enjoy life as much as I should have this year, 2012, and its not a time that I will be able to gain back so I must look forward.

Sometimes great and joyful things that happen causes us to pause however its those situations whether they be good or not that causes you to pause and take a look at what you are doing thus resulting in change.

I worked with a minister when I was 18 years old. We worked at a Sears Service Center which was a parts and labor and maintenance place for customers who purchased Sears products. We had so much fun. He was the coolest minister I ever met. I did not feel compelled to be on my best behavior but I was just naturally on my best behavior because he was just that cool.

I moved on and graduated from college had my children and I would see him from time to time. He was even invited to preach at the church I attended several years ago and he was great. I just recently seen him this summer as I was taking my mom to the bank. As usual we had a good conversation. All of our conversations were upbeat and great.

A day ago from me writing this post he thought he had a cold so there was no reason for him to think of going to the doctor. He had a cold before so he would get over it as he had done before. Apparently this was not an ordinary cold as he slumped over and was pronounced dead. I will miss him.

I know at least he enjoyed life because he strived to be a pastor so he could serve God and people and he accomplished that and was good at it. Do you presently have the same type of testimony for your life?

Enjoy life today and make it count. Dont count your money count your blessings. I know I normally talk about earning money today mainly on this blog but not today. In the end its going to be about did you enjoy your life and did you make it count.

Eliminate your Debt with no stress and get peace of mind!

Debt is so Heavy

I am sure you want to realistically be in a position to begin to start reaching your dreams. The first thing that needs to be done is to take a look at what you currently earn and spend. This is a good and major step for all of us, regardless of the type of income we bring into the household. It is hard to believe, but did you know that many people with salaries above $100,000 feel broke much of the time? People can can earn a lot of money and still feel financially insecure.

On the other hand, did you know that many people who earn $30,000 or less feel that they’re doing well financially. Isn’t that crazy on how beliefs on being financially secure varies from person to person. Financial security doesn’t necessarily depend on how much income your bring home. Instead, financial security is determined by how much money you keep—and how well you manage what you keep.

Getting a clear picture of where your money goes and how you can take control of the money flow is important. This is really a not so exciting step here. Many people just shut down emotionally and mentally when they begin to think about “where the money goes”. Let’s be real clear here. Many people tend to think that by controlling the flow of their money, they think your talking about going on some sort of strict, hard “financial diet.” Its obvious that you need to spend money, and it’s perfectly all right to reward yourself by buying yourself things that make life more pleasant. The key to

Eliminating your Debt with no stress and get peace of mind!—is finding balance. You need to find balance between what you earn and what you spend.
Ah, should I keep writing? Just get a handle on your spending because far too many people have no idea where their money goes. When you do not know where the money goes, as a result, people can’t afford to set goals for the future. By knowing your spending habits and your motivations to spend, you can make better choices. These better spending choices will help you free up money to save and use toward your goals.

Exactly where does the money go?
Have you ever looked in your wallet or in your purse and asked yourself, “I just went to the ATM and withdrew $100, where did it go?” Sometimes, it’s hard for us to remember how we’ve spent our money.We need to know where our money goes before we can figure out how to save more.

Eliminate your Debt with no stress and get peace of mind! Get more info…
Do you want to earn BIG selling educational webinars?

P.S. Many people are also utilizing ways to earn money to help them pay down, pay off their debt and to live the lifestyle they believe they were created to live. With that being said…go to the article Earn Money Today and view a list of a few ways to earn an income for you and your family.

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