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Types of Lead Generation Content

Types of Lead Generation

Types of Lead Generation Content are:

  • articles
  • blogs
  • radio interviews
  • webinars
  • videos
  • podcasting
  • social bookmarking
  • twitter
  • facebook
  • home study course
  • video bootcamp
  • email bootcamp
  • public speaking
  • conferences
  • leads buying them from a credible company
  • direct mail leads
  • emails leads
  • just to name a few

Here is a picture to give you a visual and just click on it to enlarge or enlarge with your phone to see better.

lead generation content

Often times people want to deliver content like someone else and I am here to tell you that you can find your own way of delivering content. The main thing is to start. If you do not like any of these content ideas then you may want to ask yourself are you ready to be stretched out of your comfort zone. An online presence is a must so it is inevitable that you will eventually have to do something.

What I like about these types of lead generation content (not all are listed) is I do not have to beg anyone to look at my information, I am being called on a daily an weekly basis and people give me their email address, phone number on purpose because they want me to connect with them.

How cool is that? Now its your turn.


Types of Lead Generation Content

Types of Lead Generation Content. First of all what is the heck is lead generation content? Well when you begin to learn how you can help people learn different type of ways to get people to see their gifts, talents, skills, abilities, organization, fundraising acitivity, small business or work from home opportunities you will hear about lead generation. A lead is someone who is interested in what you are teaching on and they give you their contact information (email, phone number, address) so you can follow up with them. Generation is where you post content (like the examples below) online or offline to drive people to your website so they can provide their contact information.

So it goes like this. You put up content (like the lead generation content ideas below), people see it, they go to your website because in your content you are telling them where to go (go to my website) and when they arrive on your website provided they are interested in your teaching information they will give you their contact information. Once that happens you follow up with them to see how you can help and if it is a win win great and if it is not thats great because you are on the right track. I would like to show you how to give people exactly what they want and earn money whether they join up with you in your particular deal or not but that is another post.

I got the below picture out of a $47 book I bought way back in 2008 and the gosh darn book is still relative. You can get it here to dig in more…Renegade Network Marketer...anyhow back to the image. I trust you can see it if not watch the video for a better view.
list of marketing content ideas

The above image shows you different types of lead generation content you can be developing for yourself. Don’t get overwhelmed just view the list and find one that you would like to start with and go from there. I have not even begun to do some of those because I am still working on three myself so just pick one and work it until you get results.

Types of Lead Generation are:

interviews – you can interview people
author books and eBooks
social bookmarking
and more

Remember you do not have to start with all of the lead generation content ideas so don’t get overwhelmed.



The Rise of the One Person Business Powerpoint Presentation

The Rise of the One Person Business Powerpoint Presentation



Step Out of Mediocrity

Step out of mediocrity and recognize your superiority so you can live in peculiarity. Long gone are the times for you to settle on being mediocre. There is nothing wrong with doing what everyone else is doing however I believe you are someone who is called to do more.

Inspiration for you to Step Out of Mediocrity





P.S. I look forward to hearing from you.


Women Take Control of Your Destiny

Tracey Walker and Nicole Cooper by far are two of the most inspirational women to me. I do not know either of these women however I have had the opportunity to see and hear the phenomenal things they are doing. You see they work from home and they are living the life of having more freedom and time in their day so they are able to operate fully in their passion.












Above is a picture of these two powerful women who work in the online marketing and sales and personal development industry. It’s not really about money its more about being able to do what you love and operate in your gifts, talents, skills and abilities all while earning money to do so.

Why are these ladies inspirational to women?

Its the simple fact that they made it work for themselves and they did not give up on their dreams. When you get a chance listen to their testimonies, however yes they had many trials and tribulations however they persisted and they continue to move to higher levels.

If there ever was a time for people particularly women to take control of their days and finances it is now. Just by tapping into what you love and be able to fund your dreams is a double thumbs up.

Women its time to take control of your Destiny. Find out the exact system Tracey and Nicole are using and take control so you can have more time and freedom to do what you are destined to do.






P.S. Take the Limits Off Your Lifestyle. If Tracey and Nicole can do it so can you.

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