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Earn Money Today on a Part-Time Basis

Earning money today on a part-time basis is a common decision. We are in the end of 2012 which is a high time for people to begin working a part time job for a variety of reasons. Many are working to actually help with bills and medical expesnes so its a necessity. Many are working to earn holiday money so they can shop on “black Friday” and have a wonderful holiday. Many are working a part-time job to save up because they want to buy a house. So you see there are alot of reasons.

We also know that going to and from a part time job can be taxing on the person working and the entire family. When you are commuting back and forth to your part time job you are using wear and tear on your car, spending more time away from friends and family and you could be fatiguing your body. Don’t get me wrong working part-time is great I have done it several times down through the years. There are pros and cons to every thing and these are the cons.

The pros of working a part-time job is earning money today on a part-time basis. Being able to get an extra income for what you need it for. It could be for those reasons I mentioned above or for reasons I did not touch on. The fact of the matter is you have a reason why you are working part-time and you have landed a job.

In this article I want to introduce you to a way where you can work from home and reach out to people during your own time and earn $100 and $200 over and over. I am introducing a way for you to get paid via MoneyGram or WesternUnion. If this is of interest to you head over to earningmoneytoday.com/learn and get more information.

What is the Income Potential with TurboCycler?

Companies are now paying their customers to tell others about their products and services. This is probably the most mind blowing thing in this day and time. Who would have thought that you just being a customer you can earn a living or earn extra money referring others. I have been blogging about ways to earn money today. One company program that literally pays is Turbocycler.

Turbocycler offers educational webinars which are videos on a variety of different topics/subjects. Education is key however many people have not thought that they can earn and learn at the same time. Check out the earning potential and contact me.

Here is an example of the income potential with TurboCycler…

Everyone starts at the $100 product purchase level. You get your webinar credits listed in your back office. Your initial goal is to find two who duplicate.

It is a Force Follow Me Matrix which means that whom ever you invite will follow you as you move through the matrix. As they move through the matrix they will follow you in your matrix.

As they find their two, you will get paid $100 for each sale that lands on your second level which are any of positions 3, 4, 5 or 6.

*** There is no waiting to fill the matrix before you get paid ****

Money is sent to you Directly. There is not any money that is sent to you from the company to pay you.  You are paid directly from a member.

Now you have made $400 ($100 X 4).

You now cycle and take the first open position under your inviter in their current matrix. Your take $100 from the $400 you just earned to re-enter and pay for a new package educational webinars.

Levels that You can upgrade too:
$100 Level Pay Out is: $400       Keep in mind that everyone starts at this level
$200 Level Pay Out is: $800
$500 Level Pay Out is: $2,000
$1,000 Level Pay Out is: $4,000
$2,000 Level Pay Out is: $8,000

The goal is to upgrade so that you can earn from each level.

We as a team stress this so much and that is when you bring in new members, teach and tell them to retain at least one sale ($100) on the first cycle to use for re-entry. On the initial $200 or their second cycle, teach them to use the funds to upgrade and leverage themselves to the $200 level. Just continue this process until you reach the $2,000 level.

Live Conference Calls: – (530) 881-1300 Pin: 939 438# every Tues 9 pm Est:

Recorded Call 24/7 : – (530) 881-1399 pn: 939 438# available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

For more information or questions call me at 316.665.6918 or go to earningmoneytoday.com/learn

TurboCycler Team Build to Win Overview

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How to Pay Off Your School Loan Debt with TurboCycler | Turbocycler

Wow! He really paid off $90,000 student loans in less than 10 months! Now you can also!

I love stories like this. Real life stories. A young man went to Harvard, had student loans, and sacrificed alot to pay off his student loans. I know that once one person does it millions will do this now. This is so so so great news for all of us who have mega student loans.

Many are focusing on his six figure a year salary and thats not where you want to put the focus. You want to put the focus on what can I do right now with my salary or with an extra income or even with a higher salary to pay off my school loans.

The focus should be on “HOW CAN I” and in my opinion prayer for direction. Whatever solution you come up with its going to take SACRIFICE. Usually the more a person makes the more they spend so they never save or accomplish what they set out to accomplish because they are spending and not sacrificing.

Students loans are painful trust me I know. That is why I am online supplementing my income however I have found that receiving $5 and $50 commissions is not going to get me to where I need to be when it comes to paying off my school loans and living the lifestyle I know I was created to live.

In 2012 I decided to focus on bigger commissions with reputable companies and selling a webinar education library that will bring me an income of $100, $200, $500, $1000 and $2000 per sale is what I want in my life presently. I am grateful for the other type of incomes I am getting in however I also recognize the magnitude of what this program can do for me and many others.

Here is how I plan to do it. It seems hard but I must try and if I fail at least I tried which is more than I can say for others.

  1. join turbocycler for $140
  2. $100 is for access to courses that you can take for personal or business gain. you will have many courses to select
  3. $40 is the admin fee which will be billed to you every 3 months. This is for the marketing tools that the company provides to you and for maintaining the website etc..
  4. take the courses
  5. tell others about it
  6. there are 5 levels to this product which basically means you get access to so many courses for each level
  7. now let me show you how you can earn

I am going to make this so easy to understand.

Why did you spend $239.95 to join TurboCycler?

Why did you spend $239 to join Turbo Cycler? Is a question that people are asking people who are not working the Turbo Cycler program. You have people who pay to join a money making opportunity, work and sell so they can earn and then you have people who pay to join a money making opportunity and they just end up not earning.

Its a tricky thing if you ask me. It really poses a question on why someone would pay $239 ($39.95 admin fee that is billed every 3 months and a one time $200 fee to gain access to a library of educational webinars on a variety of different topics).

Well, I spent $239 to become a member of Turbo Cycler because I wanted to be a part of a program that is offering fresh new educational webinars that will teach people how to do a variety of different things that will better their lives personally and financially.

I spent $239 because when I sell the product to the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th person I will earn $200, $500 and $1000.

I spent $239 because I know there is a better way to earn money than going to my job on a daily basis, so I understand the question.

The question comes from frustration and disbelief from the sponsor or referring member who understands the power of the program. I mean seriously, who would turn down an opportunity to earn $200, $500 and $1000 payments? Well plenty of people do because its easy to join or pay for something but it takes work and continuous focus and persistence to tell others about the program and for them to begin joining you so you can earn money and then show them how to earn money as well from the program. A member may be frustrated that people have joined but they are not actively seeking to earn money from the program although that is initially why they joined.

There tends to be a disconnect in communication when people do join a program to earn money and end up not working the program. There are alot of factors that go into this and I will get into those reasons in another post.

The fact to the matter is Turbo Cycler is a program that has a product which is “educational webinars”. When you become a member you have access to educational webinars. You can view the webinars that you select 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

There are also levels of access to the webinars. There is the $200 level, the $500 level and the $1000 level. Each level gives you access to a certain amount of webinar courses. The $500 level includes what is in the $200 level and the $1000 level includes the $200 and $500 level plus more courses are put in for the $1000 level.

Every member starts at the $200 level with a one time out of pocket fee of $200. Members have a choice to move up to the next levels with the earnings they receive from the $200 level commissions.

Basically members are using the course to better themselves professionally and personally however they have the option to sell the webinar membership as well. 6 sales need to be made. The 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th sale goes to the member which equals $200 each. When members move up to the $500 and $1000 level they will also earn $500 and $1000. The 1st and 2nd sales goes to the referring member.

Finally, the power behind this program besides education is once a member is operating in each level the member will receive over night courier payments of $200, $500 and $1000 payments. This is nothing to sneeze at. I encourage all members who have decided to pay the $239 to work your Turbo Cycler money maker until you earn your money back that you invested.

I know that once you have the 3rd member pay you an overnight payment you will want to produce more and before you know it you will have earnings coming in weekly. I am seeking individuals who would like to become members.

>>>Click Here to Join<<<


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