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SmashFund The First Social Crowdfunding Network 4 Reasons Why

SmashFund The First Social Crowdfunding Network 4 Reasons Why

“If you’re willing to meet me halfway and challenge yourself…you’ve got the power to change your life.”Dwayne Johnson

There are 4 reasons why Smashfund is the first social crowdfunding network in the marketplace presently. Crowdfunding can be successful meaning you reached your goal and crowdfunding can be unsuccessful meaning you did to meet your goal. Smashfund is the game changer in the crowdfunding industry presently because they have added a few components that will ensure more successful crowdfunding projects.

  1. Smashfund crowdfunding relieves you from begging and elevates you to receiving funds for your project. Often times you see people begging others to share their link on Facebook, Twitter and other social media without a plan or a decisive mission in mind. Smashfund has a more organized way to raise funds for your project
  2. Smashfund provides the environment for crowdfunders to be around other crowdfunders. This is huge because when you are around people who understand  the importance of having a project funded it is refreshing. It is refreshing because you do not have to explain so much what you are doing and why you are doing it. In other words you are surrounded by like minded people. Smashfund gives you the opportunity to build a network, social media style.
  3. Smashfund’s model allows you to project what you will earn on a monthly basis towards your project. Traditionally crowdfunding platforms will allow you to set a goal and request a certain amount however when people give they decide what they want to give. With Smashfund you will know how much you will receive towards your project on a monthly basis.
  4. Smashfund’s model is a working model. The model works because it alleviates the pain people feel when they do not raise the funds needed for their projects. For example one of the ways you earn money for your project is when you refer someone to Smashfund you will receive $50 a month every month as long as your member is active in the network. This is HUGE.

There are many more reasons why Smashfund is the #1 Social Crowdfunding Network. Presently we are accepting free members so come on board. You are being invited by Rhonda Hicks inviter code 9699356 or

– go to http://crowdfundingclub.co

or click the sign up now button below





Many Blessings
Rhonda Hicks






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What is Bitcoin? And Why Should I Care? – Jeremy Allaire @ MIT Bitcoin Club

What is Bitcoin? And Why Should I Care? – Jeremy Allaire @ MIT Bitcoin Club

Why Start an Online Business with Infinity Profit System

Why Start an Online Business with Infinity Profit System

Creating the Mindset for Your Internet Business
We all have heard how many people have become successful in their internet business. Perhaps, you have also tried getting into the online market yourself but unfortunately, you were not able to succeed unlike the others.

Starting a business online is just like starting a physical business, except that you will have to do all your transactions online and you are able to reach a global market. The same difficulties may also be experienced when starting an online business although you do not have to worry about putting up establishments or renting stalls.

Why Go Along with 95% of People-Decide to
Start an Online Business with Infinity Profit System

However, one thing is the same for all different types of businesses so that they can become successful – the right mindset. When you do your startup with the right approach then you will be able to get ahead in the race.

What are the qualities that you should possess in order to succeed in an online business?
Before you go about things, it is also important that you have the right knowledge when it comes to doing an online business. You cannot just take on the offensive side without making the right plans. The lack of planning when it comes to taking actions into your business, without that you are likely to fail in the industry.

Starting up any business, whether online or in the physical world, would also need a lot of determination. Although people may say that fate determines how your business would go, you can actually alter the destiny of your company, especially if you are determined in making it successful. It is very important that you take away all the negative vibes that you have and feel confident about what you are about to undergo.

Discipline is also needed to become successful in your online business. In a physical business, you will have to get up every morning to visit your establishment and see how things are going around. When you have it online, you can check out any transactions anytime of the day giving you more freedom when it comes to managing your time.

However, this would sometimes make one lazy and complacent on the comings and goings of the business. Since you can have the luxury of time, you are likely to put off the things you would have to do for the day and instead get them done tomorrow. Transactions are also made online and various tools can be used to make managing of the business a little easier. This enables you to manage the entire business on your own and without the need of help from any other person. Unfortunately, you could not have anybody else with which to entrust the transactions of your business and you cannot get help in case you are not able to fulfill your role.

You Can Start an Online Business with Infinity Profit System

While the right mindset in having an online business would make you more likely to succeed in the undertaking, you must still remember that it is not a walk in the park. You would still need to exert some more effort as you would in a physical business to ensure that you succeed in your online business.

Mindset is so important. Partner with Global Staff Pros. We provide you an accountability partner and a mindset coach. We meet with you virtually to set up your business strategy. You can start this business for $35. Click the button that says show me the details. I look forward to hearing from you. Rhonda Kaye
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Why Did We Start Daily Cash Blueprint?

Why Did We Start Daily Cash Blueprint?

We started the Daily Cash Blueprint because we were frustrated. 

With people seriously needing to earn money online and being new to earning in this manner a lot of programs and systems were too complicated. People were being manipulated in buying products and services and programs but left hanging without proper training or support. Even after people bought the programs and fell into the hype they still struggled.

One of the most difficult things was trying to convince people that education and training is best when beginning to earn money online yet it was difficult to get peoples attention because they were so mesmerized by people selling hype and selling could of and should of instead of really helping people and taking the time to ensure that people earn.

Too many people marketing how to make simple money online and making it very complicated for people to learn how and again Not offering support and training was really big.

Also people were just not willing to learn how to they just wanted to buy a business opportunity or some product and sell all the wrong ways but not be interested in basic fundamentals.

Experiencing people who join a program but never come to conference calls or the training provided yet scream “this business does not work”…this all just became chaotic and discouraging.

Daily Cash Blueprint decided to make the method of making money online simple and provide people a step by step plan instead of hyped up, trumped up, promises.

We wanted a better way.

So Steph Perez the Daily Cash Blueprint and gave affiliates a copy of it so they could earn money as well.

My personal vision as a Daily Cash Blueprint affiliate is to:

To give people a solid way on how to earn money online. Educate people that this is a professional way to earn money and once learn fundamentals can be an enjoyable way to help people.


Connect with me so I can share with you Daily Cash Blueprint.


Rhonda Hicks

1. Daily Cash Blueprint Free Tour: Click here for a free tour to view all of the resources

Seeking only the serious who want to earn and who are willing to partake in training and education.

Why Do You Need a Capture Page?

Why Do You Need a Capture Page?

For the person who loves the idea of generating cash flow online in a smart and simple way & helping others do the same…you will totally dig this blueprint concept!

Click here>>>365believe.pw

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