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10 Weeks to $51K Monthly with National Wealth Center

Welcome to 10 weeks to $51k. We are utilizing a system called National Wealth Center. Its a program that offers personal development and training products. This blog post will give you an overview about National Wealth Center. I trust you will have ample information and understanding after you go through everything on this post. I am available for more of your questions. The goal here is simple in nature. Work together in a team effort to do our part so that we can walk in financial freedom and help others walk in financial freedom.

National Wealth Center Commercial

National Wealth Center Webinar 7/3/2014

Why National Wealth Center?

National Wealth Center is formerly known as Infinity Downline. I remember hearing testimonies of individuals who were financially blessed by working this program. I never became a member. When I heard about the total revamp of the program, the new name, the focus on helping people opposed to putting the focus on money making, the website look and feel, plus the products I decided to become a member. When I looked at the compensation plan benefits and learned that $25 a month plus a $9.99 monthly plus 4 committed people would be the deciding factors of earning $51,000 a month…well you know the rest of the story or I would not be writing this post. Where can you go and pay $25 a month working with 4 people and have this type of earning potential? No WHERE! It just makes since.

National Wealth Center Power of 4 (this is what we will focus on)

Visual Image of 10 week plan to $51K with $25 per month with National Wealth Center

national wealth center compensation
Although we are focusing on the $25 level of membership, the image above shows the tremendous earning potential for those who choose to upgrade.

I have listed the products that have a monthly membership fee and the products that have a one time fee.

$25 monthly level personal development audios and training

national wealth center personal development






$50 monthly level business development

national wealth center business development






$100 monthly level wealth development

national wealth center wealth development






$250 one time Fitness Advantage

natinal wealth cener fitness advantage






$1000 one time Wealth Advantage

national wealth center wealth advantage






$3500 one time Network Marketing Advantage

national wealth center network marketing advantage






It is best to attend one of our weekly webinars so you can ask questions and benefit from the full presentation. If not the video above will give you ample information. I just like to invite you to a live webinar in the event you have questions you can ask them on the webinar. Once you view the presentation please come back and join. I am part of a team who are serious and active in this program and we have a Facebook group and our own trainings as well.

Partner with me, Rhonda Kaye. Lets work as if our freedom depended on it. Lets work as if our families thought this plan is the one we should work.  We know the compensation plan will work in our favor all we need to do is agree to allow the compensation plan work in our favor.

I can be reached at rhondakayemarketing@gmail.com/316.665.6918. My member page is 365believe.pw and my join page is 365believe.pw. Be sure when you land on the join page you see my name Rhonda Kaye and my username 365. Thanks.

join national wealth center with rhonda kaye



How Real Estate Agents Reach More People with Phone Broadcasting

Go to 365theplan.com
Put in your information
You will be directed to a page to connect with me or you can pay $25 and you will have immediate access to the phone broadcasting tool.
Many blessings.


Attracting People With Vision to Earn Money Today

I want to share with you the vision of what we are doing. I know you are looking for a legitimate way to earn money today. I know that you are sick and tired of being told one thing and receiving another. I know you believe that there is something better ahead for you and you do not know what it is or what you should do to gain the lifestyle and the freedom you want. Listen to the audio. Take 54 minutes and really relate to what is being said. This is one of our members inner circle calls. This is what we get weekly to keep us fired up and ready to go and this is just the beginning.




The Four Rewards of Partnership

The 4 Rewards of Partnership – Partner with Rhonda Kaye

four-rewards-of-partnershipAs a student of leadership and motivation I have found out personally and have been told by my mentors that leaders recognize that being in partnership with a team is necessary to reach big goals.

In my meditation this morning I found some solid principles to discuss today. I trust you will enjoy this as much as I did .

The 4 Rewards of Partnership: Reward #1 – Partners Accomplish More

According to Ecclesiastes Chapter 4 verse 9 it reads that “two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor”. What does that mean? When you make a concentrated effort to bring your big goals and join other leaders you will accomplish more. Therefore bring your big goals and lets make it happen together.

The 4 Rewards of Partnership: Reward #2 – Partners complement each other

“For if they fall, one will lift up his companion, but Woe to him who is alone when he falls, for he has no one to help him up.” Ecclesiastes 4:10. What does that mean? Well, when you are community minded and working on a team with the same interests and the same positive attitude in the event a team member has a bad day and such, we can come in help pick the team member back up. We can bring all of our talents and skills together in a way that will complement one another. However if you are single minded and get yourself in a bind while reaching your goal there will not be anyone around to pick you up.

The 4 Rewards of Partnership: Reward #3 – Partners provide support and warmth for each other

In Ecclesiastes 4:11 it says, :Again, if two lie down together, they will keep warm; but how can one be warm alone?” What does that mean for goodness sakes? Being in partnership simply means a team can provide you an atmosphere and environment to flourish. Your goals are important to the team and the partnership is set up for you to meet your goals so you can do greater things for mankind. Remember attempting to do things alone will not benefit you.

The 4 Rewards of Partnership: Reward #4 – Partners give strength to each other

In verse 9, chapter 4 in Ecclesiastes it reads, “though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him and a threefold cord is not quickly broken”. Lastly what is this saying to those of us who have big goals and are looking for a team to partner up with? As we move along in reaching our respective goals we will collectively provide the strength necessary to our partners so that all of our goals are met.

I am on the Supreme Society Team and we are all focused on utilizing Empower Network as the vehicle to assist us in transforming our lives. I realize that Empower Network is not after selfish game or hype. The ultimate mission for empower network is to empower people with hope and freedom and a system to live the life they were created to live.



How to Make Money Working Part Time From Home with Ultimate Cycler

How to Make Money Working Part Time From Home with Ultimate Cycler. Everyday people are looking for a way to earn honest money. This is something you can use and earn from as well.

There are alot of options out there for you. One thing I will tell you that it is up to you to learn how you can supplement your income. When I was at a point being caught between a rock and a hard place I had to think fast. I did not want to take much time away from my children seeking out a part time job. I had already went that option and I was too tired to go to my full time work and give it my best.

I am sure you have heard this before but if you want something different to happen in your finances as far as your money increasing you are going to have to do something you have never done before to increase your money. Now if you can go out and find a part time job do it..I sure did. However when I found that I can pay $25 for a product and tell other people about it from the comfort of my home and earn $25 up to $100 a day I took this route.

Now I can work my job in peace knowing that I have a supplemental income. Now do I earn $100 everyday no I do not. Some days its just $25 a day and some days I do not earn anything and then some days I will have 3 back to back days of earn $75 or $100 a day.

Listen I do not know how much pain you have been in financially but from my experience its not fun..its an all out drag. So if you are like I said in the video sick and tired of being sick and tired…at least take the free tour it will not hurt you to see what you can do for yourself to change your money situation.

God bless…go to 365theplan.com


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