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Educators How to Financially Help Your Students – Financial Freedom Challenge

As I talk about the issues and concerns I address on a daily basis from serving first generation limited income students for the last 15 years. As an educator having access to more money to solve money problems is at the top of  the list. I have taken students home, bought meals, purchased groceries, bought clothes, paid for prom dresses, paid for ACT exams and college admission application forms. The list goes on.

Yes these type of purchases are not part of the job however in most cases in order for students to succeed there are particular costs that can literally hinder and or delay a student from realizing their high school and post high school dreams. Teachers across the country would love to have more of a budget to help their students.

I know each year I enroll my children into school teachers give extra points to students if parents will bring in necessary items such as Kleenex, paper towels, extra pens and pencils and zip loc bags.

Also if you are a coach or a mentor to students you can easily rack up costs for gas and other costs to ensure you keep your student engaged in education.

For me why not look at a way to earn an additional income without all of the fuss and mess of going to another job. Being able to earn online from a personal development business that runs and that is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is global is music to an educators ears.

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Got Financial Freedom? Control Your Finances

Although I am learning from Tony Robbins that financial freedom is not just about money it is a good idea to know how much money you have and where you stand financially. If you find that you are spending in a manner that is harmful to your journey to financial freedom it is time to control your finances.

I use to think that because I did not have enough to pay my bills years ago there is no need for me to enter into the world of personal finance. I was very wrong and learned more on this after my divorce. Control your finances and pay attention to what you are paying and where you can cut back.

Take the tour of the income vehicle we are using to provide residual income that is helping us with personal finances.
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Fund Your Passion with National Wealth Center

In this video I briefly discuss how you can make a difference in other peoples lives. I have had the pleasure to find a way to fund my passion. My passion is ultimate serving others. Helping people who are hurting, sick, or people who need assistance. Being able to work with people and coach them in a way that will bring out their fulfilled satisfied life is a joy.
Fund your passion simply means you have a desire to do something more than what you are doing yet you lack the funds to move forward. Everything else is in place. You want to find something that will add value to your life and to others. I call this looking for a financial vehicle that you can ride so to speak and allow that vehicle to fund your passion.
Take the tour to see how I am funding my passion. Take care and be blessed. With Gratitude Rhonda Kaye

fund your passion national wealth center


Unemployed How to Boost Your Resume Tip

This works for the long term unemployed. These are individuals who have exhausted all unemployment funds.
Although 210,000 were added in October 2014 some are feeling these are not jobs with a significant income added to them. Therefore job seekers are still out looking for a job and their resume is what they are heavily depending upon.
Employers do not like job gaps or employment gaps. It shows no consistency and although companies have the right to let you go or downsize you at any time they are looking for someone to stay.
When you put on your resume you are working from home, independent consultant or contractor, and you write down the skills and tasks you are performing this looks good on your resume. It fills the unemployment gap plus it brings you income while you are looking.

Another reason why it is a good idea to start a business is because you will learn a new skill set and you will perform tasks that will be attractive to your next employer. Working from home gives you the following skills:

  • verbal and written communication skills
  • writing content online
  • blogging
  • uploading content like videos, articles and blog post and images
  • email marketing (writing and sending emails)
  • global team building
  • teaching and training others
  • motivation and inspiring teams
  • operating a conference call line that holds 1,000 callers
  • go to webinar and go to meeting experience
  • utilizing skype to contact and connect with people
  • mobile accessible
  • and so much more

With a work from home business on your resume let me reiterate you will no longer have an unemployment gap and you will learn skills that are attractive to employers and make money while seeking your desired job.

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Drive Yourself to Your Life Destiny | National Wealth Center

Drive Yourself to Your Destiny

What does that actually mean. I don’t mean drive yourself crazy or drive yourself until you are exhausted. What I mean is tap into your inner drive. What drives you? What motivates you? What inspires you? What do you want in life? Are you tired of living life by other people terms? Are you tired of living life by default? and Are you ready to live life by DESIGN? Your design.

live life by designI am sure you are dreaming right now about your life and what you would like to do. Why not just do it. Most of the times when it boils right down to the nitty gritty. We need finances to do what we really want to do. Often times that may mean a big investment.

We believe in personal development and using our very own energetic minds and a way of thinking to live life by design. It starts with what you are saying to yourself and about yourself. Next we believe in fitness. You don’t have to be built like the Rock or built like Chalene Johnson however it is important to get fit and remain fit.

We believe in learning how to properly build wealth and invest, however this is important and we are advocating that people simply look to themselves to help themselves.

As the National Wealth Center Advocate we roll all of the important necessities for you to build the life you want on your own terms and its all up to you. You probably know that it takes thousands of dollars and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars to start a franchise. Did you know it takes at least 3 to 5 years for a business owner of a franchise to actually start making money? This may sound childish but who wants to wait or who wants to put their destiny on hold?

Right now we live in a time where you can start your very own work from home life  income, franchise, what ever you want to call it RIGHT NOW! It will take training and belief and a monthly investment. The monthly investment is under $50 a month. What are you willing to exchange so you can drive to your life destiny?

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