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Take Massive Action Live Your Dreams Now!

Take Massive Action and Live Your Dream NOW!

Today I was reading a book that compels you to take massive action towards your dreams and live them now. I read where you have to take risks or nothing will happen. And that greatness comes out of struggle. Who wants to struggle RIGHT! Anything worth having is worth working towards it.

Yesterday I was encouraging someone who was complaining in a good way about how their job is not paying them enough and they have not been able to get on their feet since 2007 when all of the layoffs happen and so many were left unemployed. I listened because I care and than I gave a solution.

You see we have no excuses really. The time we live in now we can yes still work BUT we can generate our own income. Everywhere around you is abundance and if you do not see it you need to change your lens and take massive action towards living how you desire to live.

How do you change your lens you ask? Great question. Learn about the law of attraction and how you can literally manifest what you desire. Renew your mind and begin to believe in your dreams, write down your vision and write down a plan. After than take massive action NOW!

I am attracting YOU because you have a strong desire to change your situation and you are looking for a simple way to put some effort on and reap the benefits that will allow you to live your dream lifestyle. You are not lazy so you are looking for a handout however you are looking for someone to meet with you weekly work with you until you manifest your dream lifestyle. Click the banner below and watch a video that compelled me to do what I am inviting you to do.



Where Your $2000 to $10,000 a Month Income is Located

Where Your $2000 to $10,000 a Month Income is Located

a. the new money for us is amongst ourselves.
It is up to us, people seeking to earn money from home, to stick together and realize we have to band together. We must recycle our money with one another to gain momentum if not we will not be able to compete with the bigger companies.
b. as home based income earners we buy and sell to each other…the peoples network.

This is simple we need to buy from one another. Why do we continue to buy from people or companies that does not have a plan in place for money to come back to us…this does not make sense.

c. we are everyday people and we are a strong force on the Internet if we stay together
There are so many communities of people who are helping one another online…seek out one that has your best interest at heart (which I believe should be a training community and not a money getting community) and learn from them and as you learn earn.

d. we traffic anywhere from $100 to $500 per family, per month, through our own individual sales funnel, which moves training and resources as well as a way to earn monthly income.
Find a product or service it does not have to be the ones I am telling you about on this blog. But find something that people really need and will really help them and earn at least $100 or more each time someone buys. I am guilty as well but these $5, $10 and $25 products you are selling is not going to get you to the income you desire fast…it will be slow. Look at this: sell 10 gadgets for $5 and you earn $50 OR sell 10 gadgets for $100 each and you earn $1000. It takes the same amount of effort to get traffic to your $5 product as it does your $100 product…you decide its your choice.

e. the person who shared with you has an opportunity waiting for you…don’t jump in haste. Just open up the information and instead of handing your money over to someone who is not going to help you earn more…go look at the information your friend shared with you that will help you and your family.
This goes back to the peoples consumer network. Are you going to continue to put more money in the pockets of companies that has 0 plan to put some money back in your household or are you going to find a person to trust and buy from them which will help put money in their household and also give you the opportunity to invite someone else to put money in your household.

f. as we all saw in the fall of 2008 how the rich get richer lets don’t hate on them lets do what they did and that is they banded together and swapped their equities and their energy and influence with each other……we must do the same.
A lot of people are hating on the rich people …dont do that that is probably why you are not earning the money you desire. Find out what they are doing and do it yourself. I put the example of what they are doing above.

g. set up is easy. Grab a free account at Paypal in order to begin your own home based economy, where people can actually buy products from you. Grab a free account of daily cash blueprint as well and browse through the training and resources, find one or two or all and see how they will help you and learn, apply and earn than do it all over again….

h. we do not support a single business opportunity…we simply endorse training and resources that will help people
There is nothing wrong with promoting and selling business opportunities. What I have found is most people fail because they do not know how to market their business effectively. They are taught to do spamming type of things like emailing people and trying to sell the person without even knowing first if the person is even interested in your product or service. More than likely if they have not told you they are interested THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED. The only person interested in what you have is the person who goes to your page and puts in their information where it says send me more information. So I prefer to train you on how to attract customers to your business instead of selling you a business opportunity.

Lastly you have to be willing to come out of your old thought patterns about how to earn money today and commit to the new though patterns that will bring you to a place where you are earning money today.


Understand How Traffic Plus Conversions Plus Customers Equals Your Income

Traffic x Conversion rate x Amount each customer spends x Number of transactions = your income

Lets break down this formula.

Traffic people visiting your business information (website, blog, product, service, book, video, articles etc)

Conversion is the number of people who visited your information and received more information and have now proceeded to become a customer – they are ready to buy.

Amount each customer spends this is self explanatory

Number of transactions is how often they buy and how much they buy.

Here are a few examples using the formula.

Daily Cash Blueprint – customer buying all resources

TRAFFIC = 10 people become free members

CONVERSIONS = 5 decide to buy


NUMBER OF TRANSACTIONS = 5 customers each purchases all 4 products which totals $310 each customer will spend

Equals Income = $245 commission per customer x 5 = $1225 commission

Example #2

Simple Freedom Academy Training – online marketing training

TRAFFIC = 10 people visit the site

CONVERSIONS = 5 decide to buy



Equals Income = $100 commission  per customer x 5 = $500 commission

Example #3

Book Author

TRAFFIC = 100 people visit the site

CONVERSIONS = 30 decide to buy



Equals Income = $14.99  per customer x 30 = $449.70 commission

You should get the picture. This is a formula where you have to have activity in your business for you to earn an income.

See the post where I talk about how to earn by being a Daily Cash Blueprint member. Go here


Educators How to Financially Help Your Students – Financial Freedom Challenge

As I talk about the issues and concerns I address on a daily basis from serving first generation limited income students for the last 15 years. As an educator having access to more money to solve money problems is at the top of  the list. I have taken students home, bought meals, purchased groceries, bought clothes, paid for prom dresses, paid for ACT exams and college admission application forms. The list goes on.

Yes these type of purchases are not part of the job however in most cases in order for students to succeed there are particular costs that can literally hinder and or delay a student from realizing their high school and post high school dreams. Teachers across the country would love to have more of a budget to help their students.

I know each year I enroll my children into school teachers give extra points to students if parents will bring in necessary items such as Kleenex, paper towels, extra pens and pencils and zip loc bags.

Also if you are a coach or a mentor to students you can easily rack up costs for gas and other costs to ensure you keep your student engaged in education.

For me why not look at a way to earn an additional income without all of the fuss and mess of going to another job. Being able to earn online from a personal development business that runs and that is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is global is music to an educators ears.

Take the tour and let me know what you think by emailing me.



Got Financial Freedom? Control Your Finances

Although I am learning from Tony Robbins that financial freedom is not just about money it is a good idea to know how much money you have and where you stand financially. If you find that you are spending in a manner that is harmful to your journey to financial freedom it is time to control your finances.

I use to think that because I did not have enough to pay my bills years ago there is no need for me to enter into the world of personal finance. I was very wrong and learned more on this after my divorce. Control your finances and pay attention to what you are paying and where you can cut back.

Take the tour of the income vehicle we are using to provide residual income that is helping us with personal finances.
lets get started with national wealth center

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