Dangerous Jobs That Aren’t Worth the High Pay
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Dangerous Jobs That Aren’t Worth the High Pay

The type of job you get can have a major impact on your finances. However, some jobs can be very dangerous. Out of the 144.8 million emergency room visits in the United States each year, about 20% are due to an injury. Many of these injuries happen on the job. No matter how well they pay, some jobs are too dangerous to be worth it. Here are some jobs you’ll want to keep away from.

Professional Athlete

Becoming a professional athlete is the dream of many people. You’ll never need to worry about finances and you’ll become famous for playing a game you love. But what many people don’t realize is that you’re at risk of major injuries. These could be the result of wear on your body from pushing it too hard. Years of playing could result in all sorts of physical problems. You’re also at a higher risk of sudden, serious injuries. Among the most common and dangerous are head injuries, which can get worse over time and also eventually lead to death.

Construction Worker

If you enjoy doing physical work, construction workers can make a lot of money. However, it is also very dangerous work. The average construction worker in the US typically loses 11 days of work each year due to injury. This is a lot of time to miss out on. It is also likely to become more absences and worse injuries as you get older. For some people, the risk is worth it. But there are other jobs where you can make the same amount of money with much less risk involved.


Much of the world’s energy needs depend on miners to fulfill them. When you work as a miner, you use volatile chemicals and heavy machinery and do so for many hours at a time. You’re at risk of injury for many reasons, including explosions. The United States has miles of pipelines running across it and these pipelines have resulted in 300 explosions. Mining pays well, but it is a very dangerous field of work to go into.


In order to become an electrician, you need to be carefully trained. In order to avoid getting hurt or hurting others, you go through years of training and apprenticeship. You’re going to be responsible for keeping yourself and your clients safe as you repair and install electricity in homes and businesses. Because it is so specialized and risky, it pays very well. But you’re always running the risk of getting electrocuted. This could result in serious injury or death. So, if you’re interested in the trades, becoming an electrician is likely not worth the risk to your health or safety.


When people think of farmers, they tend to think of small family farms. However, modern farming is a major industry where you can get paid very well in certain areas. This industrialization of agriculture also makes it more dangerous. You are at risk of exposure to pesticides that can cause severe illnesses, including cancer. This risk increases the longer you are exposed. Since you’re using heavy machinery, you’re also more likely to get injured or killed on the job. If you’re considering a job in agriculture, think carefully before you decide to become a farmer. There is potential to make a lot of money, but it isn’t worth the risk of injury, illness, and death that you take on.

If you find a job that pays a lot of money, your finances don’t need to concern you as much as they would in other jobs. However, many higher-paying jobs are more dangerous. As you consider which fields to work in, keep these risks in mind. The jobs mentioned above might pay well, but they’re not worth risking your life for.

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