Financial Topics For The Holidays
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Financial Topics For The Holidays

Finances like politics aren’t usually a great topic of conversation during the holidays. But if you are a person who likes to rock the boat a little bit and talk about taboo subjects, here are a few financial topics for the holidays that you can bring up that will elicit a positive response and healthy conversation.

Celebrate Wins

One thing that you can discuss is wins! Who doesn’t like to celebrate themselves or others? Discussing wins is a great way to bring up positive money milestones made by you or others and celebrate your family and friends for their accomplishments throughout the year. As long as you don’t get too braggy, it works!

Tips And Lessons

Everyone has unique experiences and has something to offer when it comes to tips and lessons about finances. While you’re sitting around the table or just engaging in side chatter, it’s not a bad idea to ask others’ opinions on financial lessons they’ve learned throughout the years. Maybe you’ll learn something new that applies to your situation, or you can provide a tip to help someone else!

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New Year, New Goals

Since the new year is coming up, it’s the perfect time to bring up new goals for the new year. You can make this financially based if you’d like by asking people what is something financially that they want to achieve for the new year. Your loved one’s answers will vary. You might be surprised at what some people have to say. Maybe someone is setting up a goal to fund a new business venture or even a trip that’s on their bucket list.

Most people tend to shy away from financial matters during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be brought up! If you’re someone who likes talking about money, educating others, or just engaging in conversations around money, these topics can help guide the way.

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