27 Feb, 2024

Homeownership Blues

Homeownership is a beautiful thing. This is especially true when you get your first home. A lot of planning, effort, and money goes into making such a big decision. There are lots of things to think about when making such a purchase. Most people are mainly thinking, “how am I gonna pay for this?” You […]

3 mins read

The Value Of A Dollar

Money is important in our lives. It’s not everything, but money does make a difference. How much of it we have and how we manage it essentially details what kind of livelihood we will have or be able to maintain! When it comes to learning about money, some people have good habits and some bad. […]

3 mins read

Affordable Healthcare Options

We have a lot of financial obligations. Not only do we have obligations to ensure we have a roof over our heads and food in our tummies, but there’s so much more. One major financial responsibility includes healthcare. While many people get insurance through their jobs, not everyone does. For those who don’t, there are […]

3 mins read

Preparing for Major Expenses

Large financial hurdles are often a part of life. It can be overwhelmingly stressful when you’re not properly prepared for them. Families may have to do without to budget for a financial crisis. You can discover that you cannot afford something you want, such as your dream wedding. However, these tips will help ensure that […]

4 mins read