Best Ways to Shop for a Car
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Best Ways to Shop for a Car

This week I have been trying to find a vehicle. It is time for me to add a second vehicle to my home so that both my partner and I can get around. It is hard with one car and busy schedules. While finding a car should be seamless, I have worked hard to pick out what I want for the best price. Not to mention I do not want to spend long hours at a dealership. Instead, I looked for the best ways to shop for a car first. Here’s what I found.

Online Dealerships

Due to Covid, I do not want to be at a dealership for extended periods of time. I rather find a car from the comfort of my home. The first place I went shopping for a deal was Carvana. All you have to do is plug in your zip code before searching through their inventory. You can filter your search by features, color, mpg, cost, and more. I looked at cars between the years 2017-2020 with low mileage, remote entry, leather seating, and a backup camera under $15,000. Similar sites I visited were Vroom and Carmax.

After finding a list of cars, I sorted from low to high. I tried primarily looking at cars with premium features like lane assist, heated seats, and OnStar capabilities. These sorts of cars were similar in price to those without premium options. I then looked through pictures and 360 views until I found the one I wanted.


After locating the car I wanted online, I wanted to view it in person. I know with Carvana, there is a seven-day return period. I rather not have to return the car though. Instead, I went online to the dealerships in my area. I viewed their inventory to see if they had the car I wanted and rode over to check it out. I was very forthcoming with the sales agent that I was stopping by to get a quick look, so I would not waste a bunch of their time.


At this point, I could have leveraged my online options with the one I found at the dealership. Most times, if you have financing and another offer, dealerships are willing to negotiate. I did not. The car I reserved online was newer with fewer miles on it, for almost the same price. After viewing the car, I returned home to finalize my online car purchase. Next, I have to set up my insurance and wait for it to be delivered to my home. Browsing cars online and a quick trip to view the car at a nearby dealership was one of the best ways to shop for a car.



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