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Burgeoning Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt is top of news across the American landscape of blogs, news outlets and news platforms alike. It’s widely known how in debt college students and recent college graduates are, or can be, if they choose the traditional university route funded by student loans. Some students are fortunate enough to have parents with the pre-planned forethought of saving for their education, and a few others are lucky recipients of scholarships they’ve worked hard to earn. Considering your major, areas of passion and natural inclinations in relation to your ideal lifestyle into adulthood as it all relates to career and income options is something that can be extremely daunting and overwhelming, to say the least. Taking a more pragmatic approach to your college education and path into your chosen career field now, rather than looking back later can save you possible thousands of dollars in tuition and interest, and years of regret.

Taking into consideration traditional student debt advice is something many can benefit from if not previously thought about. Guidance such as going to an in-state institution, paying out of pocket for as much as possible to avoid taking on a tremendous load of student loan and credit card debt, and choosing a path that will support your educational choice and future lifestyle desires are some common themes. If you’re passionate about the arts and not the sciences, perhaps it’s best to pursue a major along the lines of your deepest interests and what makes for a good life in the future.

While it could once be argued that majors such as pottery or dance weren’t as viable of an option as something like the more esteemed engineering or a neuroscience major, the new argument can be made in the opposite direction. The world now supports a much wider variety of businesses and passions turned into businesses, with a plethora of festivals and online marketplaces reaching every corner of our beautiful planet. Global is now local, and taking advantage of everything global commerce has to offer can make all the difference of being a broke art major or a successful world renowned painter!Starting with the basics of cost of educational options, future income potentials and likelihoods for a chosen variety of majors and minors, as well as other alternatives such as trades and high demand jobs are some essential foundations to consider when approaching going to college for the first time, or returning for continuing education. We shop everything else in life, from toilet paper to cars and houses, so it’s absolutely worth taking the time to consider all factors of everything that goes into choosing a college, major, career path and its output of benefits to the future life you want for yourself and your family. While education isn’t free, it doesn’t have to be something that puts your entire adult life in jeopardy of being saddled with high student loan debt for years to come. What considerations are you factoring into your decision making process for your education?

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