How to Exchange Unused Diabetic Strips for Cash
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How to Exchange Unused Diabetic Strips for Cash

How to Exchange Unused Diabetic Strips for Cash

If you have diabetes then you know what it is like to test your blood sugar using diabetic test strips. However, did you know that you can exchange your unused diabetic strips for cash? If you have excess supplies, then this can be a great way to get a little cash back without even having to leave your home.

What Are Diabetic Test Strips?

Diabetic test strips are medical strips that you use, in conjunction with a glucose meter, to check your blood sugar. You simply prick your finger, catch the blood on the test strip, and use that to find out what your blood sugar levels are at any given time.

People with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes use the strips to monitor their levels. This is critical to keeping blood sugar levels in check and avoiding negative symptoms.

How to Exchange Unused Diabetic Strips for Cash

Whenever you have an item that others might need, you have the potential to make some money. Yes, even if the item you have is something like unused diabetic strips. The strips have expiration dates. If you aren’t going to be able to use all of the ones that you have before they expire then why not make some money back off of them.

(Note that they must be unused. You can only use each test strip once.)

Of course, it’s unlikely that you happen to know someone else with diabetes who wants to buy your unused diabetic strips for cash. So how do you go about selling this product? There are a variety of companies that buy them from you.

Finding a Company to Work With

First, choose the company that you want to work with to exchange unused diabetic strips for cash. is one example. is another option.

You’ll find many more out there with a quick Google search. They all operate basically the same way, but it’s always smart to shop around. After all, you want to make the most that you can when you sell your unused diabetic strips for cash.

Verify You Meet Requirements

The site provides information about exactly what they’re looking for. Typically, they’ll tell you:

  • The brands of diabetic test strips that they will accept
  • How they need to be sealed in their packages
  • What requirements they have regarding expiration dates
  • How many test strips you are able to sell to them
  • What they will pay you per test strip

If you have the strips that they’re willing to buy and you like the price then complete the process.

How It Works

The process generally works like this:

  • Request a mail kit; this covers the postage for sending in your unused diabetic strips for cash
  • Follow the instructions in the mail kit for packaging your test strips
  • Ship them to the company
  • Receive payment; they often pay by check within one week

That said, of course, each company is different. Some companies have locations where you can physically drop off your strips for sale.

It’s a fairly straightforward and simply process.

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