Financial Benefits of Not Owning a Smartphone
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Financial Benefits of Not Owning a Smartphone

Smartphones are everything. We can’t go a moment without picking up our phones. We’re constantly browsing through social media, looking at things, engaging with our friends and families, and doing so much more. Most of us couldn’t imagine our lives without it. It’s literally our lifeline, but does it have to be? Are there financial benefits of not owning a smartphone? Let’s find out.

Save You Money

I will say if I didn’t have a smartphone, I’d probably be saving money. The worst thing about having everything at your fingertips is going overboard on purchasing items. There are so many advertisements for products everywhere, especially when browsing through the web or social media. I would honestly spend less time buying random stuff on the Internet if I didn’t have access to it. I think a lot of us compulsively shop and spend frivolously on things we don’t need. I’d have to say, if I didn’t have a smartphone I would’ve saved several thousand dollars this year alone.


Another way not having a smartphone can financially benefit us is by letting us unplug and focus. I don’t know about you all, but I’m constantly checking my phone when I should be working. This includes time on the clock and when I am at home working on my side hustle. I could honestly get work done a lot more quickly and efficiently if I didn’t have to, “just check my social media,” for 20 minutes every so often. Being unplugged is not only good for boosting productivity, but it’s good for the mind. It can be a tool to help with stress reduction.

Health and Safety

When it comes to health, we can save a lot of money on healthcare when we limit screen time. Limiting use can help us better protect our eyes and prevent neck and hand injuries that are common with overuse. Aside from that, cell phones are a distraction. While there are click-it or ticket laws out there, many people still ride in the car with a phone in their hand. Not having a smartphone can prevent distractions from driving on the roadway. As you know, distracted driving can lead to an accident and even costly hospital bills and insurance payouts. That can be a financial disaster and is best avoided.

While smartphones are a lifeline, we could live without them. By skipping out, we can increase productivity, save money, and prevent injury and costly health problems.

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