How To Control Your Spending With Trim
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How To Control Your Spending With Trim

Do you have a budget? I know I don’t. While I’m pretty good about automating my finances to include debts and savings, I found it helpful to see where I could trim the fat on my spending. Being able to look at a snapshot of my monthly spending helped me see all the unnecessary expenditures I had. It allowed me to come up with saving goals and a plan to ensure I get my bills paid on time, have money saved for my future, and money to spend now on the things I want with no hesitation. Have you looked at your finances lately? Do you know where the money is going? If not, your answer might just be Trim. Find out how to control your spending with Trim today.

What Is Trim?

Trim  is an app that can analyze your spending and put in the hard work, so you don’t have to. After signing up, Trim will access your banking account, email and look at your bills for compatible providers. They look for and analyze your spending patterns. Once identified, Trim will take action by negotiating down bills and canceling subscriptions you do not use.

What Are the Benefits?

Alongside negotiating down bills, Trim advertises a 15% yearly savings rate and suggests they can lower your APR and banking fees. Not to mention, they even handle medical bills. This is an incredible offer from a company that knows you don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done. The main goal of the company is to negotiate on your behalf so that you can ultimately increase your savings. More savings means a brighter future.

What Others Are Saying?

Trim is rated B with the Better Business Bureau. It is rated 9/10 by most people reviewing the company online.  They attest to the legitimacy of the app, its safety, and free costs. People praise the company for helping them reverse improper charges and negotiating down pricey bills. It’s a service I can get behind. If you are up for the challenge take the leap and control your spending with trim today.

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