How To Drive Luxury Cars for Free
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How To Drive Luxury Cars for Free

Drive Luxury Cars for Free

Have you always wanted to drive a fancy, expensive car? Just because you want to doesn’t mean you think it’s financially feasible to do so. However, maybe it’s easier than you think. Here’s how to drive luxury cars for free.

The Basics of How to Drive Luxury Cars For Free

If you watch videos on Exotic Car Hacks, then you’ll learn that there’s a basic process, which you can learn in further detail through courses and articles. The basic process to drive luxury cars for free is as follows:

  • Buy a used luxury car that has already hit its depreciation value. Exotic cars do depreciate but not at the same rate as other cars. If you buy a car that you can then later sell for the same price or even more, you effectively don’t pay for driving the car while you have it.
  • Use a zero-interest or very low interest personal loan to pay for the car. If you happen to have the money in savings, that’s great. However, as long as you pay very little interest on your payments then sell the car later, you can drive the car for little to no total cost.
  • Sell the car for the same as, or more than, you paid for it. You make a profit. So even though you might have made payments while you had the car, you didn’t spend money in the big picture.

Figuring Out The Details Is a Bit Trickier

If this were easy then everyone would probably do it. So, why isn’t it more common to drive luxury cars for free? Because it’s not simple. As Matan Valdman posits, you have to do a lot of research to be able to choose the right car at the right price. You have to understand the depreciation rate for that particular model.

Moreover, you need to factor in potential repair costs, which can be very high for luxury cars, during the time that you’re driving it. Miscalculate those factors and you end up paying a lot of money to drive a cool car for a short period of time.

And the courses available that teach you these skills aren’t typically free. Therefore, you have to pay for the information, too. It could still be worth it to you. However, you should consider it carefully.

Other Ways to Drive Luxury Cars for Cheap or Free

Here are some alternatives to consider if you just want enjoy driving luxury cars at a low price:

  • Auto Trader suggests getting behind the wheel at an extreme car racing track. If you just want to know what it’s like to drive these cars, then you can do so for just a few hundred bucks at one of these tracks. It’s good for a unique date night, albeit a pricey one as far as dates go. Look for coupon deals to reduce the cost.
  • Get a job as a driver. If you have or can gain the experience then you might be able to get a job as a luxury car driver for someone who has one and doesn’t want to drive themselves. Get paid to drive these cars!
  • Rent a luxury car. You could always rent a car, looking for bargain prices. Try sites like Turo where you can rent from a car owner at a price that may be lower than car rental agencies.

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