How To Earn Extra Bucks by Creating Slogans
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How To Earn Extra Bucks by Creating Slogans

We are turning into a side-hustle nation. Everyone I know and those I meet have a hustle. Mine, as you know, is writing. Some people in my circle do taxes, clean businesses, and homes, and even create websites for others. If you’re looking for a side hustle, there are a million out there. One that I just learned about was slogans. Find out how to earn extra bucks by creating slogans today.


If you are just looking to get started in creating slogans, Fiverr may be the place to go. Fiverr is a platform for freelancers who sell their services for as little as $5. You could charge the minimum for simple or premade slogans but up the price, if the customer wants a customized slogan for their business. You can market your business under the creation of taglines, business names, or slogans. Be sure to have a competitive price and fast turnaround time. 


If you’re looking to put the taglines and slogans you already have to use, try out Etsy. You can get custom items printed with your slogan and sell it out on the site. Better yet, turn those taglines into handmade creations to turn a profit. You can put the items on t-shirts, greeting cards, postcards, and personalized gifts. Get creative and find a way to market your brand on Etsy to earn top dollar.

Slogan Slingers

If you like competitions, Slogan Slingers is for you. On the site, businesses looking for slogans create competitions. Freelance writers go head to head to create the best tagline. Businesses may offer feedback on how to improve your submissions and allow for revisions, before choosing the winner. The winning writers can receive a commission between $50-$999. If this sounds fun and interesting to you, you can sign up here.

There are just so many side-hustles out here, learning to earn extra bucks by creating slogans is a fun one.

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