How to Tithe When in Debt
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How to Tithe When in Debt

How to Tithe When in Debt

The church is a powerful institution. We go there to worship, pray, and spiritual healing. It brings together family and community under one roof. The church is a place where the music and the sermon uplift the masses. We give our thanks not only by showing up but without tithes and offerings. Sometimes our financial position has us wondering how to tithe when in debt. Follow along for the answer.


When discussing anything debt or financial related, many people will tell you to start with a budget. A budget allows you to see what money is coming in and where it flows out. By accounting for every dollar, you can visually track your money. You should allocate a line in your budget specifically to tithing. This ensures it is accounted for, affordable, and can be paid without impending other categories.

Pocket Change

If your budget allows little wiggle room for adding tithes to a budget line, there is another solution. You should focus on your debts. If you have extra money after paying your financial obligations, use a portion of the pocket change to pay tithes. Once you have paid down your debt, you can make larger contributions.

Volunteer Opportunites

If you cant afford tithes, you can give back in other ways.  Try giving your time instead, until you have money to spare. You can volunteer with the church youth groups, help with fundraisers, special events, and other community service projects. These opportunities allow you to provide rich valuable resources and assistance to your church at no cost to you.

The church is a place people come for spiritual healing. It brings both community and family together for a common cause. Giving monetary donations to the church is a regular practice. Sometimes it is not feasible for a family to tithe. Along with these tips, look at the posted video for how to tithe when in debt.


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