Win With Stash 101 Fantasy Investing
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Win With Stash 101 Fantasy Investing

The stock market has been crazy this year. I have lost thousands, but I’m still in the game. Right now is a great time to pick up stocks on sale that could potentially bounce back. If you’re new to stocks, worried about which ones to pick, or even just taking this time to research, you should be using fantasy investing to get familiar with the game. As you all know, I love the Stash platform. They just recently came out with Stash 101 Fantasy Investing. Learn how to pick stocks and potentially win prize money using the new app.

What Is Fantasy Investing?

Fantasy investing is much like any fantasy sports game. You are picking stocks that you like or think will do well, and you get to see how your picks work in real-time. In many fantasy stock simulators, there is no money involved. You just conduct the research, pick out your investments, and fund them with the given dollar amount for the simulation. You periodically check your progress to see how your choices stack up against real-time data from the stock market. Such platforms are used by analysts and even people just looking to start investing.

Stash 101 Fantasy Investing

The Stash platform has been around for several years. Just last month, they added the Stash 101 Fantasy Investing Platform to their products. This fantasy investing platform is more of a game. You start each week by picking a five-star stock lineup. The game runs between Monday market open and Friday market close. The stocks you pick consist of three traditional stocks, one bond, and one ETF.

You are awarded points based on how much the stock rises and lose points based on how much the stock declines during the game. The top 10 players each week will earn a prize ranging from 5% to 25% of the prize pool. You do not have to pay to play, nor do you have to be an investor on Stash’s platform. The prize amount is determined at a base rate of $500 and goes up for each person that joins the game each week. The max prize amount is $5000.

My Experience

This is my second week playing the game on the new platform. Last week was my first time picking a lineup. I just typed in top-performing stocks on Google and made my choices based on what I saw. Without even checking the game or putting much thought into what I was thinking, I actually won first place. The prize pot for the week was around $1200. I won 25% of that with a total of $311 in prize winnings. I did receive a prize via email. It came in the form of a gift card from a website called Tango. I’m cashing out today.

No matter if you’re a newbie or have been in the game for decades, this is a great platform for you to use. Test your skills in stocks up against hundreds of others for your chance to win the top prize.

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