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5 Key Platforms for Artists to Make Money During COVID

make money during COVID

It’s never an easy journey for an artist to make a living. For some people, it can feel almost impossible to make money during COVID. It’s especially rough for performance artists who don’t have access to the stages and venues where they previously worked.

That said, artists are creative. It’s in their nature. In that way, they may even have a leg up on a lot of people when it comes to making money during COVID. After all, they’re used to the hustle. I know that 15+ years of drumming up freelance work has helped me as a writer and crafter to find new opportunities during this time.

Here are five key platforms that artists are using to make money during COVID.

1. Zoom for Paid Performance Events

Most often, I’ve seen these events advertised through Eventbrite. You buy your tickets to a virtual performance just as you would normally. Then when you receive your virtual ticket, you also receive the Zoom link. People are doing some very cool shelter-in-place performance pieces.

2. Twitch for Donation-Based Performance Events

A similar option that many people choose is to get on Twitch. They perform live, usually at set times. For example, a musician might appear on Twitch every Tuesday evening. Or a group of comedians might come together on the same Twitch channel each Friday night. Twitch is a free platform. However, most of these artists provide a link that allows you to tip them. You can donate as much or as little as you like to allow the performance artists that you love to make money during COVID. Here are some Twitch alternatives.

3. Venmo

The majority of the people accepting tips on Twitch are using Venmo to receive those tips. Of course, you can accept payment through a variety of channels including Paypal and Zelle. Nevertheless, Venmo seems to be the current preferred tipping platform. And of course it’s not just used in conjunction with Twitch. People who sell physical art through social media or their own websites also often accept Venmo payments.

4. Patreon

If you want to support an artist that you adore, then check if they have a Patreon. As a writer and crafter, I’ve used Patreon for years to receive a small bit of monetary support from the people who believe in me. I offer individual “rewards” (such as signed copies of my books.) I also offer pay-it-forward rewards; when the total donations in a month reaches a certain level, I donate books and services to others in need. Patreon is a great way for artists to make money during COVID for creating paintings, sculptures, stories, music and more. Here are some Patreon alternatives.

5. Udemy

As an artist, you have a lot of skills that aren’t limited to simply making art. You can teach others how to make art. Alternatively, you can teach them adjacent skills such as how to market your art. If you want to try your hand at teaching, create your own course on a platform such as Udemy. It’s a great way to make money during COVID. Here are some Udemy alternatives.

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