Alternative Investments To Look Into
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Alternative Investments To Look Into

Right now, the world has turned upside down. If you’re into stocks and investments, over the last few weeks you’ve noticed the downtrend in your portfolio. I was surprised today opening mine up and finally trending upward. I’m still down but on the right path. Looking at my losses over the last several weeks has me thinking, what are some other alternative investments to look into? If you have the same question, follow along to see some of the alternative investments I recently found.

Pop Culture

If you love everything pop culture, then there are a few alternative investments out there for you. One of my favorites is a brand called Otis. They have all kinds of cool things you can invest in like trading cards, highly prized comics, and even top-of-the-line luxury cars. When a new investment is introduced, it’s put on the platform, and early investors can get in for a low price. Once the lockdown period concludes, your purchased shares of the investment go on Otis’s exchange, where you can trade it like you would a normal stock. While it seems kind of tricky to know which things will do well and which won’t, I have received several emails from the company of assets that have been bought out, making it profitable for shareholders. Other sites like this include Masterworks, which lets you invest in fine art, or NFTs.

Crowdsourcing Investment Platforms

Another type of alternative investment is crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing investments are typically aligned with the real estate market. They allow a group of investors to come together and pool their money into a single property or portfolio of properties. Examples include Fundrise and Yield Street. Another type of crowdsourcing investment is geared towards investments in small businesses. Potential investors can choose to invest in startups and small businesses to help the business reach its specified goals. Investors earn interest on their investments. For this, I love SMXB, Legion M, and Wefunder.


One investment I’ve gotten into recently is collectibles. There are so many things out there that you can collect. While many people do it just for the fun of it, it’s also can be a great investment strategy for the future. You can collect things like figurines, Funko Pop, comic books (be warned, they need to be properly stored) and even card games. My nephew collects Pokémon cards, while my stepdad loves his comics. My boyfriend and I just started collecting Funko Pop figures. Not only is it fun hunting for valuable Pops, but it can be a potential fund for my child’s college education down the line.

With the market up and down, it’s a great time to diversify your strategy. Even if one of these investment opportunities is not for you, I’m sure there are others out there. Do you think you’ll take a chance?

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