Is A Financial Therapist Worth The Cost?
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Is A Financial Therapist Worth The Cost?

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I’ve been thinking about going back to therapy for awhile now. There are a few key things that I’d like to work through. I have to confess, my relationship with money is one of those things. Therefore, I’ve been looking into seeing a financial therapist.

What Is a Financial Therapist?

A financial therapist is a regular licensed therapist who has the education and experience to work with you in a variety of different issues. Therapists all get a baseline foundation to help diverse clients. However, some therapists go on to get extra training and experience in specific areas. A financial therapist obviously works with money issues. The Financial Therapy Association has a lot of information about these types of professionals.

Why See A Financial Therapist

I’ve gone through therapy for different issues at different times in life. I’ve worked through last trauma, relationship challenges, self-esteem issues, depression, and so forth. Whenever I get stuck with something internal, therapy can usually help me find my way to the next level. I’m currently doing well in many areas of life. However, I feel like I could take things to the next level when it comes to money.

Would Any Professional Therapist Do?

Whereas any therapist could assist me in working through my money issues, I believe that someone who specializes in this could really help me level up. There’s a theory in psychology that you as a therapist can only take your clients as far as you’ve gone yourself. You have to do the work inside of yourself. Therefore, I would really love to work with a financial therapist who has done that work and can take me to new places.

What I’d Like to Achieve from Money Therapy

There are three key aspects of money psychology that I want to explore in my life:

1. My Internalized Money Beliefs

My parents each handle(d) money very differently. Moreover, we didn’t ever talk about it too honestly. This, combined with society’s general difficulty when it comes to money, means that I’ve internalized some complicated beliefs. Parsing those out and redefining my core money beliefs would be so helpful.

2. Better Money Communication

My partner and I have pretty good communication about things. And I do believe we’re okay when it comes to talking about money. However, we don’t currently share finances. We hope to move in together in the future. And both of us are ultimately looking at more higher education. Therefore, the more tools I have for money communication in this relationship, the better off we’ll be.

3. The Difference Between Work and Money

I’m ready to make some changes in my career. However, I keep getting stuck when it comes to the money aspect. Money and career are related. However, they aren’t the same thing. I want to learn how to make decisions about my work life in a way that honors my money values but doesn’t pace them as the only focus.

Is Paying a Financial Therapist Worth It?

I haven’t looked into the cost of a financial therapist, yet. However, I know that most therapists with specialities charge a bit more than those who don’t specialize. Moreover, I would be very surprised if my insurance covers the cost of a financial therapist. Therefore, I have to consider whether the benefits of the therapy would offset the costs of the therapy. Historically, all of my therapy costs have been worth it. However, if a therapist covered by my insurance could help me with the same issues then maybe that’s something to consider,

Have you / would you go to therapy for financial issues?

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