Is Affordable Higher Education Possible?
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Is Affordable Higher Education Possible?

Im am in several online groups that talk about being financially independent. The groups pose thoughtful questions about advancing in the workplace and earning more money. They also talk about advocating for themselves and their retirement plans. One topic that comes up every so often concerns higher education. While many people are burdened with student debt, they can advance by going back to school and getting an advanced degree. While many people may have the money, what about those who don’t? Is affordable higher education possible for them?

Free In-Person Tuition Programs

I came across numerous free degree programs when looking online. Many of them are for residents of their perspective states, so I will focus on the ones that are available to everyone. If you are looking for a school with prestige, you can check out Colombia University, Cornell, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and more. These schools offer need-based scholarships to students whose parents earn under $63,00 per year. Be aware that some programs expect a minimal contribution from the student.

Faith-Based Options

If your okay with attending a faith-based college, Barclays college offers free tuition programs, but students must stay on campus and foot the bill of housing costs. College of the Ozarks is similar in that it does not accept tuition. However, students must show financial need to be accepted into the college, and there is a work requirement they must adhere to.

Free Online Programs

In my ChoseFI group, someone posted about a free online institution. The one they were discussing, and from my research, the only one of its kind, was the University of the People. Aside from program fees, there is no cost of tuition. There is an initial application fee of $60. Some fees are paid per course like an assessment fee of $240 and a $17 fee for each transfer credit the college accepts. Aside from these expenses, the program offers four-degree programs ranging from an associate’s degree to a master’s degree. Their offerings include degrees in business administration, education, computer science, and health science. The total cost for their various degree programs with the associated fees totals between $2.400-$4,860.

For more information on free colleges, please check out the posted video.

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